All illustrations for this article by Ana Soraia Mendes

All illustrations for this article by Ana Soraia Mendes



  by Mark E. Taylor 



Hello readers!

Coyote is 20 years old – how about that?! More about that at the end…

Here we go back to our roots! The covenant - as it was called when the Partnership for youth was set up - concentrated on training and curriculum development and the magazine should be a means of communication for all those interested in youth training to share and learn.

When the editorial team met at the beginning of summer we did a little mapping exercise: who or what has a stake in European youth(work) training?

This edition is a bit of an experiment for us – we add articles at different points throughout this year of 2019. You will notice that the focus shifts in each article: we pull back and try to see some of the Big Picture and then zoom in to examine an important piece of the puzzle (in order to mix up the metaphors!).

So you will find:

 a really personal opinion piece about the role(s) of training today;

 some glimpses of the aims and mechanisms of the European Training Strategy;

 a challenge to trainers to get themselves more informed about the different education and career paths people take in different countries to become “youth workers”;

 an invitation to trainers to experiment with different forms of self-assessment and feedback in order to enhance their competence development;

and now three new articles! 

how training is seen and implemented by the Council of Europe’s Youth Department:

a stimulating piece about whether training meets the current needs of young people;

some examples of how the youth field can learn from other sectors.

More articles are on their way – we will keep you informed via our Facebook page and the Partnership’s newsletter.

If you’re interested to find out more about Coyote’s history, then have a look through the archive – a phenomenal amount of work by the Youth Partnership team to scan the old paper versions and upload them too! They are still working on the first few editions which appeared in French as well.

 Many thanks for all contributions and, of course, heartfelt thanks to the members of the Coyote editorial team:

  • Marinela Šumanjski (co-editor)
  • Natalia Chardymova
  • Mara Georgescu
  • László Milutinovits
  • Viktoria Karpatszki

 to our great illustrators:

  • Ana Soraia Mendes
  • Matia Losego
  • Mireille van Bremen
  • Vanda Kovacs

 and to our web designer:

  • Lali Bouché

May the Spirit of Spiffy go with you!

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