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Young refugees’ voice workshop 

Realities of young refugees in Europe and the current political debates and approaches have made it important to develop several types of activities at European level with the aim of supporting the inclusion of young refugees, reaffirming theirs rights and recognising the good practices on the local levels. Starting in 2016, the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe has developed initiatives related to the role of youth work for the inclusion of young refugees.

From these initiatives, a need to go further, give recognition and learn from good practices has been indicated both as a need, but also as a means for advocating for further action in the youth policy, youth research and youth work practice fields in regards to the inclusion and rights of young refugees.

In 2017, the youth partnership is developing:

  • a research-based publication, and
  • a collection of good practices regarding the key challenges of young refugees and the role of the youth sector (youth policy, youth research, youth work) in supporting their inclusion in society.

Another foreseen activity is a learning workshop, based on local practices by the youth sector of inclusion and participation of young refugees. Local practices that tackle the challenges that young refugees face in their lives exist and they can serve as inspiration for policy makers, youth workers, youth organisations, young people and researchers from other countries and regions in Europe.

The main aim of the workshops is to create a space for learning about approaches that youth work and youth policy use for supporting the inclusion and participation of young refugees.

One of the workshops will be held in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg from 2 to 4 October 2017. A second workshop is foreseen for December, in Greece.