Youth Work Development

The Youth Partnership helps develop youth work through supporting a dialogue within the community of practice and through its contribution to the European Youth Work Agenda.

It aims to build up knowledge on youth work, its recognition and history. It also maps education and training pathways of youth workers. Its publications and educational activities are then disseminated to the wider European youth work field.  Online, as well as in-person, learning and exchanging opportunities are offered. Among these, it is worth highlighting the MOOC on Essentials of Youth Work, a self-directed online course aiming to raise awareness of youth work and its social value, and designed to provide an overview of youth work practices. Moreover, the Youth Partnership has supported and contributed to the organisation of the three European Youth Work Conventions.

The Youth Partnership, through these activities, contributes to improving the future professionalisation, quality and the conditions of youth work as well as boosting employment opportunities and career paths for youth workers.