Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence

AI, digitalisation, digital citizenship, and digital inclusion have a profound impact on the daily reality of young people and their social inclusion and participation.

The Youth Partnership has been working on the topic of digitalisation since 2018, in order to better understand the reality of digitalisation in young people’s lives, the implications for the youth sector, the adaptations required from youth work and youth policy in order to be better prepared to face the challenges and exploit the opportunities that current and new digital tools and trends offer.

The Youth Partnership also supported the seminar “AI and young people” of the Council of Europe Youth Department in December 2019 and, throughout 2020, the results of the research to date were communicated in adapted formats to various audiences (notably through the contribution to a webinar for the European Youth Event, webinars and papers through the Perspectives on Youth and podcasts. In 2022, research on the relevance and impact of AI on young people was launched, this was followed by the expert meeting on young people and AI.