PoY-Social inclusion, digitalisation and AI

Increasing digitalisation and fast development of new technologies has an important impact on young people’s lives and their social inclusion. Social inclusion is a long-lasting process, which enables a young person to build up self-esteem, self-realisation and resilience and become an autonomous and productive member of society. However, in this process, some groups of young people might encounter barriers and limited access to opportunities and services. 

While the rapid growth of the Internet access, connectivity and reliance on technology has the potential to address these forms of social exclusion, it may also serve as a new instrument of inequality, caused by varying access to digital tools and instruments and exclusion or inclusion within online spaces and communities. This section of the Perspectives on Youth is looking at the intersection between young people’s social inclusion and digitalisation in order to understand how the development of the digital world influence young people’s lives.

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28 May 2020

 Youth inclusion, digital solutions and the global pandemic, by Veronica Ștefan and Adina Marina Șerban

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algorithmic stereotyping
and young people

12 May, 2020

by Dan McQuillan and Ron Salaj

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