The PSS self-assessment tool provides the opportunity to identify strengths and areas, where more work could be done to keep athletes safer and healthier.

The large resource on examples showcases, how stakeholder organisations design, implement and evaluate safe sport policies and projects. The PSS Academy also offers an easy-to-use multiplier workshop proposal providing guidance and orientation on safe sport topics.

The Pro Safe Sport kit provides tools and advice how to promote the well-being of young athletes.

The toolkit consists of nine elements:

Master Presentation

■ This presentation highlights the normative framework on safe and healthy sport environments. Additionally, this section provides induction articles on “pro safe sport topics”.

Explanatory glossary

■ The glossary contains the definitions of key terms and explanatory notes on the background of pro safe sport.

PSS workshop proposal

■ This contains an easy-to-use multiplier workshop template and guide for those parties interested in organising pro safe sport events using the tools of the PSS toolkit.


■ This tool provides users with the opportunity to self-assess their organisational capacity to provide a safe and healthy sport environment for young athletes.

Model of excellence

■ The model describes a best practice example on how a pro safe sport strategy could be introduced and implemented.

Practice examples

■ This part contains further practice examples and food for thought on pro safe sport strategies based on projects of various stakeholders.


■ This section contains a wide range of interviews on the various aspects of safe and healthy sport environments.


■ This section offers a list of links and further useful resources in the field of pro safe sport.


■ This section contains a collection of high quality presentations held during the PSS workshops on the physical,psychological, social well-being as well as on policy/ governance and fair play.

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