Our pool of experts!

January 2018

The Pro Safe Sport+ pool of European experts on sexual violence in sport is now online! The training kit brings together policy-makers, practitioners, researchers/academics and victim support specialists, selected through a restricted call for applications. It is a means for peer-learning,...

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Our resource centre is online!

January 2018

The Pro Safe Sport+ resource centre is now online! This resource centre is a one stop-shop for the development of preventive and protective policies and measures in Europe. It is a tool to support public authorities, sport organisations and other interested stakeholders in their efforts to stop...

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Our new training kit!

January 2018

We are pleased to inform you that the training kit to prevent and react to situations of potential sexual violence against children and young people in sport, is available now! This training kit provides information and training content to help those in positions of influence in the field of...

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PSS+ Closing Event

19 December 2017 Leicester, United Kingdom

The closing event of the PSS+ project took place in the premises of the NSPCC-CPSU in Leicester (United Kingdom) on 19 December 2017. On this occasion, the awareness-raising and capacity-building materials developed as part of the project were presented (online resource centre, training kit, 1st...

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Final PSS+ workshop

24-25 October 2017 Strasbourg, France

The final workshop of the Pro Safe Sport+ project took place at the Council of Europe headquarter in Strasbourg on 24-25 October 2017. It aimed at undertaking important steps to launch the production of the video-clip and the training kit, as well as finalising the other capacity building and...

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Second PSS+ workshop

26-27 June 2017 Brussels, Belgium

The second PSS+ workshop took place at the European Commission in Brussels on 26-27 June 2017. The project partners continued to work on capacity building and awareness raising materials to foster the development of policies and strategic actions addressing sexual violence against children in sport.

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Welcome to the Pro Safe Sport + website!

23 June 2017

This website is dedicated to the initiatives implemented by the Council of Europe to promote safe and healthy sporting environments for young athletes and children. A new EU-COE joint initiative – the Pro Safe Sport + project (PSS+) – is currently running aimed at putting an end to sexual...

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First PSS+ workshop

24-25 April 2017 Strasbourg, France

The PSS+ project was launched on 24-25 April in Strasbourg. Experts and partners were invited to share their ideas and exchange views on some of the expected achievements of the project: the pool of experts, the video-clip and the needed tools / technical support to help public authorities and...

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Conference on promoting the well-being of athletes

4 October 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria

Make Sport Safe – a PSS follow-up conference in Bulgaria Due to the great interest of stakeholders at national and international level, the Council of Europe will organise in cooperation with Bulgarian authorities a “Pro Safe Sport” conference on promoting the well-being of athletes on 4 October...

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Fourth PSS workshop

15 October 2015 Paris, France

Life skills of young athletes are at least as important as their sport performance A consensus of athletes and representatives of sport organisations, public authorities and educational institutions was reached in Paris on 15 October, 2015, during the fourth PSS workshop that young athletes need...

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Third PSS workshop

31 August to 2 September 2015 Berlin, Germany

Third PSS Workshop Discusses Normative Framework, Global Programmes, Anti-Doping, Gender Equality and Discrimination Renowned experts debated with the PSS project team a broad range of topics during the third PSS workshop taking place from August 31 to September 2 in Berlin. On the agenda were...

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PSS Closing Conference in Rome

Successful Launch of the Pro Safe Sport toolkit in Rome

4 May 2015 Rome, Italy

Monday, 4 May, 2015 saw the successful European launch of the Pro Safe Sport (PSS) toolkit to promote the well-being of young athletes in Rome, Italy. The two day conference underlined the importance of safe and healthy sport environments, so that sport continues to be attractive and popular to...

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PSS toolkit successfully tested in Graz

19-20 February 2015 Graz, Austria

The Pro Safe Sport (PSS) project team met with representatives of sport clubs from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia in Graz, Austria, from 19-20 February to test the PSS toolkit. The practitioners had to work with the various elements of the toolkit, for instance to fill in the...

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Second PSS workshop

14-16 July 2014 Leeds, United Kingdom

Emotional Well-being Of Athletes Is Crucial For Sporting Success From 14-16 July 2014, experts of "Pro Safe Sport" met in Leeds, UK, to discuss the promotion of mental/ emotional well-being of emerging athletes. There is broad agreement among the experts that greater attention should be paid to...

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First PSS workshop

5-7 May 2014 Budapest, Hungary

PSS Workshop on Physical Well-being of Young Athletes In the framework of the PSS workshop from 5-7 May 2014, experts presented interesting facts and figures how the physical well-being of young athletes can be best promoted. The presentations are now available for you at the following address:...

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Pro Safe Sport website is online

19 March 2014

Pro Safe Sport has just launched its new website! "Pro Safe Sport for Young Athletes" is excited to announce the launch of its new website with basic information on the European large-scale project promoting the mental and physical well-being of young athletes. The website can be here:...

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Follow us!

PSS is on Twitter

PSS is now on Twitter. Please follow us @ProSafeSport

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Promoting the physical and mental well-being of young athletes

28 to 29 January 2014 Vienna, Austria

Experts from all over Europe met from 28 to 29 January 2014 in Vienna, Austria, to discuss strategies to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of emerging athletes. The conference in the Austrian House of Sport was the first of many activities which will be implemented in the...

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