The Council of Europe has a long standing commitment to promote a safe and healthy environment for athletes, and in particular the youngest ones. Beyond the norms and standards set up on this topic, it has been developing new approaches and concrete tools for public authorities and sport organisations with the support of the European Commission:

 Guidance, recommendations and training to sport administrators and coaches on physical, psychological and social well-being in sport → Pro Safe Sport project (PSS-2014-2015)

 Awareness raising tools and capacity building resources to increase the commitment of both governmental and non-governmental organisations towards sexual violence against children in sport → Pro Safe Sport + project (PSS+-2017).

These tools completed the “Pro Safe Sport” package launched in 2015.

 What is PSS?

When practicing sports, child/ young athletes can be very vulnerable and exposed to threats to their mental and physical integrity. PSS aimed at removing those threats by providing adequate learning tools to sport organisations and coaches (2014-2015).

Why a project on the physical and moral well-being of young athletes?

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 What is PSS+?

Pro Safe Sport + “Put an end to sexual harassment and abuse against children in sport” is a joint project implemented by the Council of Europe (Enlarged Partial Agreement on sport) and co-funded by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus+ programme. It was a nine-month initiative (1 April - 31 December 2017).

This initiative called for a renewed political attention and for the development of policies and strategic actions to prevent and combat sexual violence towards children in the context of sport.

Why a project on sexual harassment and abuse against children in sport?

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