To guide our partner countries towards (more) effective child safeguarding in sport policies, country-specific roadmaps were designed including concrete steps for setting up positions of Child Safeguarding Officers.


 5 priority building blocks

  1. National policy framework for safeguarding and protecting children in sport
  2. Partnerships
  3. System and structure for responding to concerns about children and young people
  4. Advice and support
  5. Education and training framework

 A collaborative work

The roadmaps were designed in a collaborative way, involving all the stakeholders that (can) have a role in preventing children from being harmed and abused in sport and in protecting victims (public authorities responsible for sport and children’s rights, sports organisations, child protection agencies, people with lived experience of abuse in sport, etc.).

In each partner country, two entities were set up:

  • A steering committee, that should become the long term strategic co-ordinating forum for each country’s long term safeguarding children in sport policy
  • A core group, with the key members of the steering committee, more closely engaged in the drafting process of the roadmap

 Support from experts 

The partner countries receive support from international and national experts on safe sport and benefit from the experience of “good practice owners“.


 National events

At the end of the process, a national event was arranged in each partner country to present and promote the roadmap.

CSiS in brief

Strengthening the ability of European countries to prevent violence against children and to promote their well-being in sport, by developing effective policies that include recruiting, training, equipping and networking Child Safeguarding Officer roles.