Experienced in providing support to children and adults with lived experience of abuse and violence in sport. Such support can be medical, legal, psychological, etc.


Manager of CARE, APAV – Portuguese Association for Victim Support, Portugal


My academic background is a Criminology Bachelor’s Degree. I’m working at APAV since 2010 – from internship to volunteering until 2015.

Currently, I’m managing CARE, a specialised network run by APAV, that works daily in the field of support and prevention of sexual violence against children and youngsters.

I’ve been doing research on best practices on support and prevention of sexual violence, and also regarding the different places/contexts where sexual violence can happen.

I’m also responsible for coordinate CARE’s team daily, providing them technical support and promoting the implementation of best practices and a multidisciplinary approach.

I’m also entitled to promote the cooperation and interinstitutional articulation and CARE/APAV representation, including with the media.

Main (personal/organisational) achievements in the field of safe sport

  • Helping victims recover from the sexual violence suffered, in a way that’s specialised, sensitive, network-based, confidential and free-of-charge
  • Enhancing cooperation between CARE and other national and regional/local partners, like National Police (“Polícia Judiciária”), for example
  • Developing a Prevention Programme for 3 to 18 years old children
  • Providing training to professionals (schools, institutions, etc.)RR
  • Raise awareness of communities

More information

 APAV Website

 CARE Website

Mathilde GRENET

Founder, Rebond, France


Mathilde is originally from Paris, now based in Lausanne, and has worked in sport for the last 10 years (Lagardère Sports and International Hockey Federation). Mathilde is passionate about sports and has a strong athletic background having formerly been a NCAA tennis player for the University of South Carolina.

Child Safeguarding in Sport is a topic which resonates very profoundly with her as she is a survivor of sexual abuse; she was unfortunately abused by her tennis coach in her youth. While she was going through a legal battle against this coach from 2014 to 2021, together with three other victims, she created the association Rebond aimed at preventing sexual violence in sports and providing holistic support to victims.

Rebond is now partnered with the French Tennis Federation (FFT) in its drive towards safeguarding in tennis. Recently Rebond has teamed up with the city of Sarcelles as part of a broad strategy to develop a plan of action to prevent sexual violence in the sporting ecosystem of the city.

Main (personal/organisational) achievements in the field of safe sport

Through the partnership signed with the French Tennis Federation, several actions were led by Rebond:

  • Creation of an awareness campaign ahead of Roland Garros and other tournaments aimed at preventing sexual violence in tennis
  • Creation of a specific logo to illustrate the fight against sexual violence in tennis to be displayed in clubs, leagues, and tournaments
  • Organization of workshops at the National Training Centre but also in regional centers for coaches, volunteers, parents and players to raise awareness on sexual violence in tennis

Rebond and the city of Sarcelles are also developing a plan of action to prevent sexual violence in the sporting ecosystem of the city:

  • Launch of a campaign “Repérer, Alerter, Protéger”
  • Set up of an emergency email for victims or any whistleblower to report abuse
  • Creation of testimony podcasts which were shared on the city social media channels
  • Live intervention by Rebond representatives at city major sport festivals and gathering

More information

 Rebond website