In 2014-2015, the EU-COE joint project “Pro Safe Sport” (PSS) was ran aimed at promoting a safe and healthy environment for young athletes. It is currently followed in 2017 by a new joint initiative: Pro Safe Sport + (PSS+) focusing on sexual violence against children in sport.


 About the PSS+ Project

The Council of Europe (COE) and European Union (EU) Joint Project entitled “Pro Safe Sport +: Put an end to sexual harrassment and abuse against children in sport” (PSS+) is a nine-month project started on 1 April 2017.

The work on the main expected achievements of the PSS+ project is on-going (video-clip for raising awareness, pool of experts on sexual violence in sport, online resource centre, etc.). The PSS+ partners will have the opportunity to go a step further on 26-27 June, at the European Commission in Brussels.


 Pro Safe Sport for Young Athletes (PSS)

In the framework of the PSS project ran in 2014-2015, an online academy on safe sport was developed with experts, practitioners and academics. It makes available extensive information and useful tools to stakeholder organisations to promote safe and healthy sport environments.

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