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The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) of the Council of Europe implements together with 15 project partners the EU funded initiative "Pro Safe Sport for Young Athletes (PSS)" aiming at the promotion of the physical and mental well-being of young athletes.

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Third PSS Workshop Discusses Normative Framework, Global Programmes, Anti-Doping, Gender Equality and Discrimination

Renowned experts debated with the PSS project team a broad range of topics during the third PSS workshop taking place from August 31 to September 2 in Berlin. On the agenda were issues such as the existing normative framework to protect young athletes, anti-doping, gender equality, discrimination and safeguarding measures for children implemented at global level.

The workshop was successfully concluded and produced excellent input for the PSS toolkit. The presentations of the Berlin workshop can be retrieved from the following website:

The fourth and last PSS workshop on “lifestyle” tackling issues such as dual careers, match fixing and sexual health will take place from October 13-15 in Paris.


Emotional Well-being Of Athletes Is Crucial For Sporting Success

From 14-16 July 2014, experts of "Pro Safe Sport" met in Leeds, UK, to discuss the promotion of mental/ emotional well-being of emerging athletes. There is broad agreement among the experts that greater attention should be paid to creating a positive sporting ethos where children and young people are respected and where their voices are heard and used to shape welfare and performance. This will not only promote the mental well-being of emerging athletes but also boost their sporting performance.

The results of the discussions in Leeds will feed into the educational toolkit of PSS which will be produced in the course of the project. The presentations of this workshop can now be retrieved from the following website:


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PSS has its own Twitter account!

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