European Union and Council of Europe work closely with institutions of Montenegro on prosecutorial legislative reform

22 - 23 February 2024 Budva

The co-operation between the European Union and the Council of Europe on advancing judicial reform in Montenegro has developed considerably in recent years, with a heavy emphasis on relevant work of the Venice Commission and the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO). The positive outcomes of...

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Public authorities in Albania raise their capacities on enforcing property rights and execute related Court decisions

22 - 23 February 2024 Durrës

The public institutions engaged in the field of property rights in Albania took a significant step towards enhancing their expertise, during the two-day Training of Trainers on "Property rights and the execution of court decisions”. The event, organised with the support of EU and Council of...

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Middle management staff trained on latest standards and practices in execution of criminal sanctions in Montenegro

20 – 22 February 2024 Becici

The joint European Union and Council of Europe action “Enhancing human rights protection for detained and sentenced person in Montenegro” organised a specialised training for 15 members of middle management staff of the Administration for Execution of Criminal Sanctions of Montenegro (AECS). It...

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CEPEJ tools for the efficiency and quality of justice introduced to Albanian court councils

09 February 2024 Tirana

Members of the first instance court councils of Albania, representatives of the High Court of Albania and of the High Judicial Council were part of the capacity building activity on CEPEJ tools on court efficiency and quality of justice, organised with the support of EU and Council of Europe. The...

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Чинителите на Надворешниот механизам за контрола во Северна Македонија беа обучени за ефективни истраги

15-16 февруари 2024 Скопје

Во рамките на постојаната поддршка на јавните власти на Северна Македонија за основање и функционирање на Надворешниот механизам за контрола, заедничкиот проект на ЕУ и Советот на Европа „Јакнење на капацитетите на пенитенцијарниот систем во Северна Македонија” организираше обука за јакнење на...

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Judicial Council and Courts take an important step towards greater transparency and outreach

11 February 2024 Podgorica

Public interest in the work of judiciary in Montenegro has increased significantly in recent years. In order to make use of the strengths and opportunities for communicating with media and enhancing public trust in the judiciary, the Judicial Council and the Supreme Court embarked on a process of...

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Albanian authorities discuss key measures following the findings of the Council of Europe Committee against Torture latest report

30 January 2024 Tirana

In a high level meeting, organised with the support of the EU and Council of Europe, senior officials in the field of penitentiary discussed the upcoming steps in addressing the key challenges of the penitentiary system stemming from the main findings of the European Committee against Torture,...

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Public discussion on the draft Judicial Reform Strategy of Montenegro 2024-2027 and the Action Plan for the period 2024-2025

31 January 2024 Podgorica

Strengthening rule of law is inseparably linked with implementing judicial reform, which requires the development of long-term policies clearly defining reform measures and objectives. As such, the reform process calls for close co-operation of all stakeholders, in particular representatives of...

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Наменета за претставници од овластените правни клиники и здруженијата на граѓани

ОБУКА НА ОБУЧУВАЧИ - „Обезбедување на Бесплатната Правна Помош во Северна Македонија“

1 Февруари 2024 Северна Македонија

Програмската канцеларија на Советот на Европа во Скопје со поддршка на проектот „За консолидиран и поефикасен систем за бесплатна правна помош (БПП) во Северна Македонија“„ којшто е дел од програмата Хоризонтален Инструмент за Западен Балкан и Турција (фаза III) кофинансиран од Европската Унија и...

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Адвокати во Северна Македонија се стекнуваат со основни вештини за давање на бесплатна правна помош

22 – 26 јануари 2024 г. Скопје

Триесет и пет адвокати присуствуваа на петдневна обука за обучувачи за „Давање на бесплатна правна помош во Северна Македонија‟. Поддржана од заедничката програма на Европска унија и Совет на Европа, „Хоризонтален инструмент за Западен Балкан и Турција‟ и во тесна соработка со Адвокатската...

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Здравствените работници кои работат во затворите на Северна Македонија обучени за ментално здравје

22 јануари 2024 год. Скопје

Дванаесет лекари и здравствени работници кои работат во седум казнено-поправни установи во Северна Македонија го унапредија своето знаење за ментално здравје во затворите и дозирање на психијатриски лекови, преку обуката одржана на 22 јануари 2024 год. Освен лекарите кои работат во амбулантите на...

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Empowering legal professionals to combat trafficking in human beings: specialised training for lawyers in Montenegro

18 - 19 January 2024 Budva

Montenegro is confronted with a critical need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the rights of victims, particularly those affected by trafficking in human beings. The specialised training programme, focused on empowering lawyers specialising in supporting victims of trafficking in human...

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Institutions of Montenegro send a strong message of zero tolerance of all forms of ill-treatment and impunity

23 November 2023 Budva

A roundtable, organised under the action “Enhancing human rights protection for detained and sentenced persons”, held in Budva on 22 – 23 November, gathered key investigating bodies in Montenegro to identify systemic shortcomings and collaboratively explore optimal solutions for the prevention of...

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Отворено детско катче и фурна за леб во КПУ Затвор Куманово, со поддршка од ЕУ и Советот на Европа

13 декември 2023 Куманово

Вкупно 220 лица лишени од слобода ќе придобијат од новата фурна за леб во КПУ Затвор Куманово, а околу 90 деца ќе имаат можност да го користат детското катче при посета на нивните родители и членови на семејството. Опременото детско катче и фурна за леб, со вкупна вредност од над €17,000 беа...

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State prosecutors in Montenegro discussed the European Commission's Report and the Council of Europe recommendations

22 December 2023 Podgorica

With the aim of improving the work of state prosecutors, with the support of the European Union and the Council of Europe Programme Office in Podgorica and in co-operation with the Association of State Prosecutors of Montenegro, a Conference on priorities and further directions of the...

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Judges of the Administrative Court of Montenegro benefiting from the 2023 Kopaonik Law School

13 - 17 December 2023 Kopaonik

Kopaonik School of Natural Law (Universitas Iuris Naturalis Copaonici) was established 32 years ago. Every year since then, it has been the place of meetings of eminent jurists, legal scholars as well as practicing lawyers from across the world. In the last two years ago, the European Union and...

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Right to free legal aid: round table held in Podgorica

18 December 2023 Podgorica

“Access to justice under equal conditions and without discrimination on any grounds is one of the main principles of the rule of law”. This is a message from the round table „Right to free legal aid“, held in Podgorica that provided floor for discussion and exchange of experiences on the current...

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Local stakeholders discussing modalities of enhancing the use of alternative dispute resolution in local communities of Montenegro

11 December 2023 Berane

As a form of assisted voluntary negotiation, mediation provides an opportunity for the parties in dispute to state their views and desired outcomes and proceed with the adjudication more rapidly. As such, mediation may be very helpful in empowering local communities to develop solutions that work...

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Да ја доближиме правдата поблиску до граѓаните и граѓанките!

13 ДЕКЕМВРИ 2023 година СКОПЈЕ

Изложбата на фотографии и панел дискусијата, „Да ја доближиме правдата поблиску до граѓаните и граѓанките!“, се одржа вечерва во Мала станица за да се одбележи Меѓународниот ден на човекови права и да се подигне свеста за важноста на пристапот до правдата за сите и за користа којашто ја носи за...

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Albanian prison staff improve their knowledge on professional conduct with mentally vulnerable prisoners

22-23 November 2023 Tirana

The European Union and the Council of Europe are helping to improve treatment of prisoners with mental health disorders and forensic patients by increasing prison staff’s professional knowledge of management of this vulnerable category of inmates. A two-day training was held in Lezha on 22-23...

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