The European Platform on Learning Mobility in the youth field (EPLM) is a space for exchange and cooperation of youth organisations, researchers, policy makers and practitioners, such as trainers and youth workers.  It strives to create conditions for the development of high-quality and sustainable learning mobility for all in the youth field in Europe. In order to achieve this vision, the EPLM is working to pursue quality, impact, knowledge, inclusivity, participation, sustainability, visibility and recognition of learning mobility (including blended or online) in non-formal and informal education and learning in Europe.

What is learning mobility?

The EPLM defines learning mobility in the youth field as mobility of young people (transnationally, regionally or online) undertaken freely and voluntarily for a specific period of time, consciously organised for educational purposes, to impact on the local community or to acquire new competences (knowledge, skills, attitudes or values). It encompasses a wide variety of project formats and activities, and can be implemented in informal or non-formal education settings.


The EPLM is an open network, coordinated by the partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth. The work of the EPLM is currently guided by the EPLM Framework of Action 2021-2030. The EPLM consists of the Core Steering Group, which represent a wide variety of stakeholders, programmes and formats in the field of learning mobility, a Resource Group, and thematic working groups, which are established depending on the needs and developments related to learning mobility in the youth field. Current thematic areas that the EPLM covers include:

 Quality in learning mobility

 Community impact of learning mobility

 Sustainability and learning mobility

The EPLM connects several different international mobility Programmes, including representation from Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agencies, regional and bilateral programmes, and also others that offer workcamps, youth exchanges, volunteering, school exchanges, youth worker mobility, vocational apprenticeships etc. The strength of the Platform lies in its diversity, its reach, and its ability to react flexibly to the needs of the field.