Project management

​​​​​​​The Youth Partnership has developed various resources for young people, youth organisations and for the youth sector to prepare and run youth projects.

A project is a tool for social change, a way to plan, organise, mobilise, and achieve. Its potential for optimising resources and involving people makes it an exceptionally well-situated tool for European youth programmes.

Our resources can help you better navigate the project-oriented youth sector. Our training kits on project management, funding and financial management and organisational management will give you basic definitions, concepts, best practices, as well as practical tips for your everyday work. Thinking green is an important concept to consider in every youth project in order to make the best choices for the future of humanity and the planet. Our Sustainability Checklist can help support every youth project with this process.

Update of the T-kit on project management

Update of the T-kit on funding and financial management