2 online sessions 12 and 20 September 2022
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Sustainability in Youth Projects: Practical Workshop

Youth organisations are invited to participate in a practical workshop on sustainability in youth projects.

The workshop includes 2 online sessions on 12 and 20 September  2022.

It will provide the opportunity to youth organisations to increase their knowledge and skills on sustainable and environmentally friendly project design, especially in the context of European Youth Foundation (EYF) funded activities.

During the workshop, participants will learn more about the tools that are available to youth organisations and how to apply them, including the recently developed sustainability checklist of the EU - Council of Europe youth partnership to a specific project.

Specifically, the workshop will provide a space for youth organisations to learn, reflect, and share experiences on the topic of sustainability in youth projects, as they prepare to submit project proposals for international activities and workplans for 2023 at the 1 October 2022 deadline.

This activity is co-organised by the EU - Council of Europe Youth Partnership and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.