The details of the PSS workshop on normative framework are as follows:

  • Date: 31 August - 2 September 2014
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Topics to be addressed:
    • Normative framework on rights, obligations and responsibilities (contracts, agents, migration etc.)
    • Anti-doping
    • Discrimination/ equality



The European normative framework on the promotion of well-being of young athletes: Which instruments shape national safeguarding policies?

Stanislas Frossard, EPAS Executive Secretary, Council of Europe

Inclusion in Sport: Which challenges and chances has sport to face with regards to discrimination and equality? 

Leanne Norman, Professor, School of Sport, Carnegie Faculty, Leeds Metropolitan University

Young athletes say no to doping: Which initiatives can lead to success?

Sue Backhouse, Professor for Sport and Exercise Psychology, Leeds Metropolitan University

Frédéric Donzé, Director, European Regional Office and International Federations Relations, World Anti-Doping Agency

Child protection and safeguarding in sport: What is done at global level?

Jutta Engelhardt, Programme Director, Swiss Academy for Development 

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