This training kit, developed as part of the PSS+ project, provides information and training content to help those in positions of influence in the field of sport to prevent and react to situations of potential sexual violence in sport.



More precisely, it aims at helping trainers / instructors, sport leaders, coaches, physical education teachers, etc. to:

  • Understand what sexual violence is in the field of sport so as to prevent it from happening
  • React appropriately in cases of sexual violence or suspicion of sexual violence
  • Provide information on the existing support services and / or helplines
  • Implement preventive measures – avoid / reduce risk situations

The training kit contains
a set of 6 factsheets:

  • No 1. Facts and figures - sexual violence against children and young people in sport
  • No 2. Legal and regulatory frameworks - which legislation, conventions, regulatory frameworks, standards and good practice guidelines help us to prevent and respond to sexual violence against children and young people?
  • No 3. Protecting victims - how to identify sexual violence
  • No 4. Protecting victims - responding to concerns or allegations about sexual violence
  • No 5. Preventing sexual violence - preventing sexual violence against children and young people in and through sport
  • No 6. Education and raising awareness - how to raise awareness about sexual violence in sport and how to introduce the subject for discussion
“Template versions” are available in English and French
can be translated into other languages and tailored to countries’ particular contexts

(e.g. specific definitions and legal framework information, legal requirements to report concerns about/allegations of sexual violence and support services).

We encourage you to use this resource!

Get involved in combating
child sexual abuse in sport!

For any request concerning the reproduction or translation of all or part of the training kit, please contact us.

Factsheets adapted to countries’ particular contexts


 Introduction                                          No 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6



Kit de formação

No 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


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