What previous competences are needed to use this tool?

First of all, the tool requires motivated people who want to improve the quality of their activities through the use of a coherent approach to intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning.

Respecting the existence of very diverse backgrounds of potential users, the proposed guidelines do not require users to have in-depth competences and knowledge in the principles and practice of intercultural dialogue. However, taking into account the complexity of intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning, basic knowledge and continuous development is recommended for facilitators of this type of processes. Certain principles are briefly described in this document. For further reading, various other documents are suggested. But most of all, users are encouraged to consider every encounter in their life as a learning opportunity; as an occasion to develop their intercultural competence.

However, since the tool is focused only on aspects related to intercultural dialogue, previous competence is required regarding the principles and practices of non-formal education/learning.