Mobility Spaces, Learning Spaces - Linking Policy, Research and Practice

20 - 22 March 2013, GLS Language Centre Berlin, Germany

More than ever before, actors in the youth field have an amazing opportunity to develop young people's competences through learning mobility programmes and projects. This represents a major contribution to young people's active participation in European society and to key topics on the European agenda.

The conference ‘Mobility Spaces, Learning Spaces - Linking Policy, Research and Practice', taking place 20 – 22 March 2013 in Berlin, arises from an initiative supporting a broad networking of experts in the frame of the European Platform on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field. In general, the platform aims at facilitating a sustainable exchange between researchers, practitioners, as well as institutions and organisations involved in the youth field. Continuous cooperation between these parties produces an added value by furthering the development of learning mobility in the youth field, its visibility and its recognition.

The conference is hosted by JUGEND für Europa and the Hungarian National Institute for Family and Social Policy as the National Agencies for the European programme YOUTH IN ACTION in Germany and Hungary, the German Research-Practice-Dialogue on International Youth Work, in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth.

Main outcomes of the conference

Programme and conference documentation

20 March 2013

13:00   Welcome: Hosts and organisers

13:45   Keynote: An integrated framework for learning mobility in the youth field, Charles Berg (University of Luxembourg, PEYR)

15:00   Parallel thematic workshops     

  • 1. Linking youth work and learning mobility
    • Policy: Hanjo Schild (Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth)
    • Practice: Elisa Briga (EFIL)
    • Research: Andreas Thimmel (University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany)
  • 2. Facilitating learning mobility for all and in diversity
    • Policy: Uwe Finke-Timpe (German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth)
    • Practice: Oana Nestian Sandu (Institutul Intercultural, Romania)
    • Research: Soren Kristensen (Techne, Denmark)
  • 3. Providing information and guidance
    • Policy: Davide Capecchi (Eryica, Luxembourg)
    • Practice: Anja Ruhland (Eurodesk, Belgium)
    • Research: Kristin Beate Vasbö (University of Oslo, Norway)

21 March 2013

09:00   Outlook in the day

09:15   Keynote: Practice of learning mobility in the youth field, Miroslaw Krzanik (Board member of the European Youth Forum)

10:00   Parallel thematic workshops

  • 4. Competence and training
    • Policy: Udo Teichmann (SALTO-Youth Training & Cooperation, Germany)
    • Practice: Krezios Athanasios (Greece)
    • Research: Maria Carmen Pantea (Babes Bolyai University, Romania)
  • 5. Ensuring quality and recognition
    • Policy: Jan Vanhee (Belgium)
    • Practice: Darko Markovic (Innside, Serbia)/ Marcio Barcelos (European Youth Forum, Belgium)
    • Research: Marti Taru (Finland)
  • 6. Impact, learning transfer and evaluation
    • Policy: Miguel A. G. Lopez (Germany/Spain)
    • Practice: Reet Kost (Foundation Archimedes, Estonia)
    • Research: Wolfgang Ilg (Evaluation of international youth exchange, Germany)

14:00   Keynote: Research on learning mobility in the youth field, Helmut Fennes (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
15.30    Panel: From the conference to the future - integrating the perspectives

22 March

09:00   Outlook in the day
09:15   Keynote: Policies of learning mobility in the youth field, Chiara Gariazzo (European Commission DG EAC, Belgium)
10:00   Interactive plenary: Developing the future
13:00   Concluding plenary
13:30   Lunch & end of conference

EPLM Conference 2013 - Documentation

One of the Platform's decleared goals is to spread its ideas and results. In order to do so, we are happy to provide the presentations of the contributions of the conference.

In addition you can find a PowerPoint documentation of the conference's results.

Documentation of the EPLM Conference 2013

Integrated Keynote: Charles Berg

Keynote on Practice: Miroslaw Krzanik - Learning mobility in practice – a youth perspective (summary)

Keynote on Research: Helmut Fennes - Research on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field (summary)

Keynote on Policy: Chiara Gariazzo

Workshop 1:
Hanjo Schild - Linking Youth Work and Learning Mobility: The Policy Perspective (presentation)
Elisa Briga - Linking Youth Work and Learning Mobility…and the formal education system: the curious case of pupil's mobility (summary)
Andreas Thimmel - Linking Youth Work and Learning Mobility: The Research Perspective (presentation / summary)

Workshop 2:
Uwe Finke-Timpe - Facilitating Learning Mobility for all and in diversity (policy point of view) (summary)
Oana Nestian Sandu - The role of intercultural competence in learning mobility (presentation / summary)
Søren Kristensen - Transnational mobility and young people with fewer opportunities (presentation)

Workshop 3:
Davide Capecchi - Quality and Professional Information Provision as a Precondition to Young People's Access to Mobility (presentation)
Anja Ruhland - Eurodesk European Mobility Information and Guidance (presentation)
Kristin Vasbø - Wake up and smell the Culture! What kinds of processes of learning and identification are activated through participation in international youth exchange programs? (presentation)

Workshop 4:
Udo Teichmann - SALTO Training and Cooperation Ressource Centre (presentation)
Krezios Athanasios - Competence and Training (presentation / summary)
Maria Carmen Pantea - Building evidence-based interventions in youth work: a proposal for reporting practice (presentation / summary)

Workshop 5:
Jan Vanhee
Darko Markovic - Quality and Recognition, few insides from practice; Marcio Barcelos (presentation / summary)
Marti Taru - Workshop Ensuring quality and recognition. Research perspective (presentation)

Workshop 6:
Miguel Angel Garcia Lopez - Between the butterfly effect and the lack of legitimacy (presentation)
Reet Kost - Impact, learning transfer and evaluation. The practice perspective (presentation)
Wolfgang Ilg - Evaluation of international youth exchange programmes – presenting a new tool in "Easy English" (summary)