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Conference on fostering and promoting employment among Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities

24 May 2023 Pristina

On 24 May, over 60 participants from local and central level, as well as national and international stakeholders, gathered together at the Conference on “Fostering and Promoting the employment of the Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities”. The event was organised by the Office for Good...

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Article prepared by Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye 2023-2026

Level of discrimination against Roma and Egyptians still high in Montenegro, says Ombudsperson’s report

4 may 2023 Podgorica

The Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro (Ombudsperson) presented its 2022 Report on Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro at a conference supported by the European Union and the Council of Europe, held in Podgorica today. In his introductory speech, the Ombudsman Siniša Bjeković,...

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ROMACTED II programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina hosts the first Advisory Group meeting

4 May 2023 Sarajevo

The first Advisory Group Meeting was organised on 4 May 2023 in Sarajevo, within the second phase of the joint European Union and the Council of Europe programme ROMACTED - Promotion of good governance and empowerment of Roma at local level. Close to 50 representatives of the partner...

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Partner Cities and Municipalities mark the International Roma Day in Serbia

8 April 2023 Belgrade

Marking April 8 as International Roma Day aims to highlight the self-determination of Roma as well as the fact that Roma around the world are still at a considerable disadvantage compared to the majority population in almost all areas of social life, being subject to discrimination, antigypsyism...

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International Roma Day marked in Bosnia and Herzegovina

8 April 2023 sarajevo

On International Roma Day, the ROMACTED II Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina organised several events in cooperation and partnership with local and central levels, acknowledging the Roma's rich culture, language, and heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year, the main message focused on...

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International Roma Day marked by numerous activities in Montenegro

8 April 2023 Podgorica

Within the framework of Phase 2 of the Joint EU-CoE ROMACTED Programme, and in cooperation with partners at the local and central level, International Roma Day was marked in Montenegro by numerous activities. Europe House, in partnership with the European Union Delegation to Montenegro and the...

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EU perspectives and quality development of the Roma community discussed in North Macedonia on International Roma Day

7 April 2023 Skopje

On 7th April 2023, within the framework of Phase II of the Joint EU-CoE ROMACTED Programme, the Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje and Romalitico, ROMACTEDII support organisation, organised a joint event with the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Roma...

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Transformative Grassroots Leadership Training Scheme organised in Serbia with the World Bank

6 April 2023 Belgrade

Within the framework of co-operation on the topic of Roma returnees, the World Bank organised a Training of Trainers on ‘Transformative grassroots leadership and economic empowerment of Roma women/returnees’ in close co-ordination with the EU-CoE ROMACTED Phase II Programme. The training scheme...

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Roundtable on Municipal Guideline and Matrix on Covid 19 recovery measures

31 March 2023 Pristina

A ‘Roundtable on Municipal guideline and matrix on COVID-19 recovery measures’ was organised on 31 March in Pristina, within the framework of the joint CoE/EU Programme ROMACTED II on “Promoting good governance and Roma empowerment at local level” and in co-operation with the Support...

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Guidelines for Roma Responsive Budgeting discussed in North Macedonia

30 March 2023 Skopje

Two online public debates were held on 23 March and 30 March 2023 in North Macedonia for local authorities, coordinators for equal opportunities in the municipalities and civil society organisations to review and comment on the proposed draft Guidelines for Roma Responsive Budgeting at local...

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