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Model Operational Plan supporting Roma and Egyptian policies at Korçë Community Centre in Albania

15 February 2021 Tirana

Roma and Egyptian minorities are hindered in their local integration process, intricately linked to challenges such as poverty, difficult living conditions, truncated education and health care, and low access to the labour market. Community centres represent unique assembly places for liaising...

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Guidelines on Roma and Egyptian Responsive Budgeting at Local Level launched in Albania

9 February 2021 Tirana

Over the past three years, the joint European Union/Council of Europe ROMACTED Programme has contributed to building political will and sustained policy engagement of local authorities to enhance democratic governance and inclusion of Roma communities at the grassroots level in Albania. In this...

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ROMACTED Programme Phase II to kick off in the Western Balkans and Turkey

19 January 2021 Strasbourg

The European Union/Council of Europe ROMACTEDII Programme will be a natural follow-up to the implementation of Phase I of the ROMACTED Programme in the Western Balkans and Turkey (2017-2020), which will serve to consolidate and expand efforts to improve the integration of Roma populations in...

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Supporting Roma Responsive Budgeting at Local Level in Albania

22 December 2020 Tirana

Ahead of the finalisation of 2021 municipal budgets, the joint EU/CoE ROMACTED Programme organised seven consultative webinars with partner municipalities on Roma Responsive Budgeting, in cooperation with the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA), Ministry of Health and Social...

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Vacancy Notice - ROMACTED II Project Officers in Ankara, Podgorica and Skopje

17 December 2020 Strasbourg

In the framework of the Phase II of the EU-CoE ROMACTED Programme, the Council of Europe is launching three vacancies for Project Officer positions in the Council of Europe Offices in Ankara, Podgorica and Skopje. See below the links to individual calls: Ankara Podgorica Skopje Applications must...

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ROMACTEDII Call for Proposals: Support Organisations

30 November 2020 Strasbourg

Within the framework of the Joint European Union/ Council of Europe Programme ROMACTED Phase II on “Promoting good governance and Roma empowerment at local level”, the Call for Proposals for the Support Organisations is now published. The Joint European Union/ Council of Europe ROMACTEDII...

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Finalisation of COVID-19 response actions in Montenegro

30 November 2020 Podgorica

The first wave of the pandemic had hit the Roma community on a large scale and, despite consistent support provided by ROMACTED and other programmes, the whole Roma community remained the weakest part of Montenegrin society at an additional risk of marginalisation. Unfortunately, as current...

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ROMACTED Call for Tenders: Thematic Consultants and Facilitators

25 November 2020 Strasbourg

Within the framework of the Joint European Union/ Council of Europe Programme ROMACTED Phase II on “Promoting good governance and Roma empowerment at local level”, the Call for Tenders (Thematic Consultants and Facilitators) for the provision of consultancy services on the inclusion of Roma at...

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Finalisation of the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion of Roma in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2021-2025)

1 October 2020 Teslic

A three-day workshop took place in Teslic (BiH) between 28 September and 1 October, gathering together representatives of the MHRR, the Roma Board (as part of the Council of Ministries) and the officially appointed governmental experts. The event was organised in order to produce action measures...

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ROMACTED Workshop on CAG Sustainability in Serbia

13 August 2020 Belgrade

The workshop on sustainability of the Community Action Groups (CAG) was organised in an online format, gathering together the CAG members from the 11 cities and municipalities in Serbia. The workshop was moderated by the ROMACTED support team. The aim of the event was two-fold: the first two...

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