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  • The Minister without Portfolio provided support to the infrastructural priorities of the Roma community and assigned allocation of financial resources to six ROMACTED beneficiary municipalities in 2018 and five in 2019;
  • Strategic cooperation and coordination developed among the Ministry Without Portfolio responsible for the implementation of the National Strategy for the improvement of the situation of Roma, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Roma Resource Center, Roma Lawyers Association and Open Society Foundations Skopje, to establish access to legal aid and empowerment. As of January 2019, three CAG members have been involved as mediators in eight municipalities;
  • One educational mediator was employed in Strumica and Veles within the framework of the Ministry of Education and Science, from the pool of certified mediators trained under the ROMED Programme;
  • The celebration of International Roma Day 2019 was organised in close cooperation with the local authorities and Roma community. The Municipality of Tetovo allocated funds to support several events in this regard. In addition to the local authorities, the events in Strumica and Veles were organised in collaboration with Romaversitas and the Institute for Research and Policy Analysis-Romalitico;
  • In co-operation with the Regional Cooperation Council’s Roma Integration 2020, the workshop on “Roma Sensitive Budgeting” was delivered to municipal representatives and members of the Community Action Group in October 2019;
  • A consultative meeting was held with UN Habitat Skopje, CELIM Milano and Roma Resource Center on the IPA II 2017 call for grantees on “Facilitating Social Inclusion of Roma”;
  • A strategic partnership was formed with the Ministry of Local Self-Governance to grant financial support to the municipalities of Debar, Kicevo and Veles, which adopted the Local and Joint Action Plans within the ROMACTED framework;
  • In partnership with the Association of Educationists for Protection of Women and Children’s Rights (LIL NGO), the Council of Europe funded a first national training course to foster the political participation of Roma women. This training focused mostly on the women from the communities in which the ROMACTED Programme is active;
  • The Mayor of the Municipality of Prilep was awarded the prize of Most Roma friendly Mayor from North Macedonia in 2018 as part of the EU Award for Roma integration. 
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Updated in December 2020

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