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  • A ministerial-level meeting was held in Ankara by UMT on 8 February 2019 to foster the support of central level organisations. The local representatives of ministries required an official letter of support from the capital. Therefore, the UMT wrote an official letter to explain the project, including the approval letters from the ministries;
  • Strategic cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policies was established. An important output of this cooperation is that the ROMACTED Programme in Turkey was mentioned in the National Action Plan for Roma Inclusion. The General Director of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policies, Mustafa Nuri Nuruhan, participated in the multi-stakeholder workshop of December 2019 and directly interacted with the CAG and IWG members from different ROMACTED municipalities. The UTM and the ROMACTED Turkey Focal point were invited to participate in the evaluation and monitoring meetings of the Strategy Paper on Roma People (2019-2021);
  • Close cooperation was established with the EU Delegation. The UMT in regular contact with the EUD representatives in relation to the planning and disbursement of EU funds; 
  • Within the framework of the EU Award for Roma Integration implemented by the Joint Initiative for Civil Society, the Mayor of Şişli municipality in Istanbul in 2017 and the Mayor of the Konak Municipality in 2019 were awarded the prize of “Most Roma-friendly mayor” in Turkey. In addition, the ROMACTED focal point for Turkey, Ms Elmas Arus received an  award as part of the “Women Grassroot Activists / Unknown Heroes” prize.
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Updated in December 2020

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