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  • The programme provided international expertise in the design of bylaws of Law No. 22/2018 'On Social Housing' within the Ministry of Finance and Economy. The Directorate of Housing held consultations on secondary legislation for social housing in Albania on preventing forced eviction of vulnerable groups and introducing 5% quota for Roma beneficiaries per all the six housing programmes prescribed.This process is substantially supported by ROMACTED Programme and the 'Leave No One Behind'- Joint Programme of the United Nations in Albania;
  • The ROMACTED facilitator awarded as a winner of the 'Unknown Heroes' EU Award for Roma Integration 2019 in the Western Balkans and Turkey;
  • Local authorities in Roskovec provided support to the infrastructural priorities of the Roma community living in Kurjan and setting the power transformer for the village. Open courses were provided for Roma citizens to gain reading and writing skills. A Roma mediator was employed in the multi-functional community centre;
  • Two meetings were organised with Civil Society Organisations in Korca and Fier in terms of supporting the design of the Local Action Plans for Integration of Roma and Egyptian Minorities 2019-2022;
  • As the second call of applications for civil society organisations was opened by the Regional Local Democracy Programme (ReLOaD), ROMACTED facilitators organised information sessions with the Roma and Egyptian CSOs in Elbasan, Korça, Përmet and Roskovec, which are both ROMACTED and ReLOaD Programme municipalities;
  • The “Municipalities for Europe” Programme, which targets 61 municipalities in Albania, provided all data sets collected during the consecutive years of 2017 and 2018 for the purpose of the design of the Local Action Plans for Roma Integration;
  • The current sub-granting call in the framework of the project 'Youth Standing Up for Human Rights in Albania' implemented by World Vision Albania and South East European Youth Network with financial assistance from the European Commission – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. Roma civil society organisation in partnership with the municipalities of Korça, Vlora, Elbasan and Fier were supported to apply in the Second Call of Proposal, to enable the implementation of a second project foreseen in the Local Action Plans for Roma Integration 2019-2022, in addition to the ROMACTED small grant scheme funding;
  • Joint activities with the Commissioner for the Protection against Discrimination in December 2019 in Korça, Pogradec and Vlora;
  • The mayor of Roskovec received the ‘Most Roma-friendly mayor’ prize in 2019 for Roma Integration in the framework of the project ‘Joint initiative to empower Roma civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey’, implemented by ERGO Network and Roma Active Albania. The ROMACTED support team has been actively involved in encouraging the local actors to apply for the prize.


Elect. Vote. Decide.

The video spot is prepared in co-operation with the Central Election Commission for the Roma population in Albania concerning their right to vote and participation in parliamentary elections of 25 April 2021.

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