ROMACTED Programme operates in 7 beneficiaries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

The target groups of the project are local public administrations (the elected representatives and relevant officials) and the Roma communities from the selected municipalities. They are also the first short-term beneficiary groups of the project. Overall, the project will target 70 municipalities. The mid-to-long-term beneficiaries of the programme are the Roma population and the population of the municipality in general.

support organisations support organisations

Phase II (2021 - 2024)

 Institute for Romani Culture in Albania - IRCA

 Association EUROM Tuzla

 Forum for Development and Multiethnic Collaboration - FDMC

 Young Roma Montenegro

 Institute for Policy Research and Analysis - Romalitico

 BFPE for Responsible Society

 Zero Discrimination Association

Phase I (2017 - 2020)

 Institute for Romani Culture in Albania - IRCA

Support Centre for Roma "Romalen" Kakanj

 Advancing Together

 Young Roma Montenegro

 Roma Democratic Development Association SONCE

 Association of Roma Coordinators 

 Union of Municipalities in Turkey