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  • The Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees (MHRR) actively supports the implementation of the Programme at central level. ROMACTED is a valuable instrument because it provides support to the current efforts made by the state towards Roma inclusion and empowerment at local level. In 2018, the MHRR allocated 1 million EUR towards the implementation of Action Plans for Housing, Employment and Health. Additionally, 30,000 EUR were allocated to Roma NGOs and with a further 30,000 EUR for Roma education expected by the end of 2019;
  • Care International is implementing the ‘Young Roma for Rights and Inclusion’ project, funded by the EUD in five ROMACTED beneficiary municipalities. The project is jointly coordinated by all municipalities to ensure synergies, and through this, four Roma mediators have been employed in the municipalities of the ROMACTED Programme and Centers for Social Welfare;
  • Within the framework of an OSCE programme related to Roma youth empowerment, four mediators participated in the training organised by the OSCE on Roma youth and social rights. In addition, the OSCE participates at the MTG meetings and provides help with regard to Roma education issues;
  • Caritas Switzerland is currently implementing ‘Pre-school Education for All Children’ – PEACH, aiming to include children in a half-day and compulsory pre-school programme. It was agreed that the emphasis would be put on Roma children, as they are often the children not attending pre-school education. Additionally, Caritas will also work on Roma housing issues in some ROMACTED municipalities (Kakanj, Bijeljina and Donji Vakuf);
  • UNDP’s ReLOaD Programme is being implemented in three ROMACTED municipalities. It was agreed that cooperation with ROMACTED will be developed with a focus on capacity-building for municipal officials and providing support to local Roma NGOs in their applications for the small grants scheme. Through the synergy with this programme, Roma NGOs from joint municipalities were encouraged and helped with their applications for the small grants scheme as a part of the ReLOaD Programme;
  • KALI SARA is currently implementing ‘Advocacy for Socio-Economic Inclusion of Roma’ in BiH, in three ROMACTED municipalities (Visoko, Brcko and Prnjavor) with a focus on programme budgeting and Roma sensitive budgeting. Joint MTG meetings are conducted;
  • The Roma Education Fund (REF) project is also being implemented in three of the ROMACTED municipalities (Tuzla, Kakanj and Visoko), focusing on the provision of scholarships for Roma high school students;
  • The Federal Employment Bureau, ROMACTED partner NGO Romalen, Caritas and the Council of Europe are currently supporting the employment of 20 mediators in schools and pre-schools and as community mediators in Kakanj, Visoko, Donji Vakuf and Tuzla;
  • The mayors of Bijeljina (2018) and Kakanj (2019) received the ‘Most Roma-friendly mayor’ prize for Roma Integration in the framework of the project ‘Joint initiative to empower Roma civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey’, implemented by ERGO Network and Roma Active Albania. The ROMACTED support team has been actively involved in encouraging the local actors to apply for the prize.
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