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  • Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA) - a complimentary synergy has been developed with regards to building the capacity of local administrations i.e. principles of good governance, Roma social inclusion, project cycle, etc. Cooperation was extended with the Ministry about the indicators on Municipal Performance. A specific indicator has been developed by ROMACTED, based on the format and the parameters of the Ministry, and in line with ROMACTED objectives.  This indicator has been shared with the Ministry for consideration;
  • Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEST) - synergy created to provide support in education, namely on enacting administrative instructions and/or affirmative action about inclusive policies at municipal level;
  • Office of Community Affairs in Prime Ministers cabinet (OCA) – cooperation has been agreed regarding community-related projects with ROMACTED municipalities. Also, synergies in coordination of the Roma-related issues at policy level have been established;
  • Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK) – cooperation and support of the fifth edition of the Rolling Film Festival in Pristina. The event gathered film makers of Roma and non-Roma origin who promoted Roma culture and history. The festival was attended by a plethora of interest groups from various backgrounds; In addition, with Roma Versitas, coordination have been established with regard to the data collection about the number and scope of studies of the Roma students in all beneficiary municipalities. Lists of students with detailed information is shared by Roma Versitas. An outreach with potential students was conducted in some of the ROMACTED municipalities together with Roma Versitas;
  • UNDP ReLOaD – information was shared and coordinated with respect to the UNDP ReLOaD grant application procedure for two municipalities, including with Roma NGOs on the procedures of the application procedure.  A practice of regular coordination meetings between two programmes has been established;
  • Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Development – cooperation has been established in regard to the agricultural grants for small farmers. The call was coordinated with the Deputy Minister with the aim of distributing the information to potential Roma farmers. ROMACTED identified and shared information with the farmers; 
  • Peace Corps - The support team was invited to present ROMACTED Programme during a training event for the 6th cohort of Peace Corps volunteers in Kosovo. Following this cooperation, a Peace Corps volunteer was placed with the Roma NGO to help the NGO Bram for a three-month period to build its capacities and provide support with English language learning.
  • OSCE – coordination and exchange on Roma-related issues has been established specifically with the Department of Human Rights and Communities. In the coordination effort, OSCE staff from the region were invited to participate at the Joint Meetings between the CAG and IWG of the beneficiary municipalities. In addition, OSCE’s call for Summer School participants was shared among young CAG members. Several of them participated in the school, which was aimed at promoting cross-regional exchanges and building upon the professional skills of young political experts;
  • GIZ project on Capacity Development in Basic Education (CDBE) – coordination efforts were focused on three joint beneficiary municipalities, with an exchange of information and project-related activities;
  • Advancing Together (ROMACTED Support Organisation) – Synergies and cooperation were developed with the Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Roma Genocide. The educational and commemoration event "Dikh He Na Bister" was held in Krakow and Auschwitz, Poland, and gathered together ROMACTED CAG and IWG members of the beneficiary municipalities and a number of Roma youngsters representing Kosovo;
  • Roma Ashkali Egyptian Women`s Network contributed with their expertise to a half-day training with Roma women. This synergy greatly contributed to the sharing of information and increasing knowledge of the legal framework for the protection and promotion of women's rights in general. This expertise could be utilised in future activities concerning women;
  • The mayors of Fushe Kosove/ Kosovo Polje (2018) and Lipjan/ Lipljan (2019) received the ‘Most Roma-friendly mayor’ prize for Roma Integration in the framework of the project ‘Joint initiative to empower Roma civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey’, implemented by ERGO Network and Roma Active Albania. The ROMACTED support team has been actively involved in encouraging the local actors to apply for the prize.

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.

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Updated in December 2020