The Jewish Heritage - Incubator program for EU strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is a plan for the development of Jewish Heritage Routes in the macro-region, which includes a two-day program, based on different levels and in a multidisciplinary way.

The aim of the project is to accelerate the process of creating Jewish Heritage Routes in the macro-region and establish the bases for their transnational collaboration through a training program and transnational work sessions among the participants. Activities contribute to the promotion of inter-religious and intercultural dialogue with a view to facilitate historical discussion on Jewish heritage among citizens on a local and European level.

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Specific objectives

  1. Extend the European Route of Jewish Heritage in at least five countries of EUSDR through the integration of National Routes.
  2. Strengthen the transnational cooperation and common visibility: Creation of tools and joint initiatives in the field of marketing, cultural and tourist services and educational exchange between the different national routes.
  3. Implement sustainable development plans of the different parts of the Cultural Route and create a guideline for the development of Jewish Heritage Routes in EUSDR.
  4. Evaluate the further development of the European Route of Jewish Heritage in EUSDR.


  1. Research. Identification of potential "leader partners" at national level for the development of Jewish Heritage Routes in: Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania;
  2. Involvement of new stakeholders. Strategic planning with lead partners to integrate their projects in the European Route of Jewish Heritage. This includes inter alia the creation of an inventory on the development of the proposed route at national level;
  3. Capacity building. Two-day incubator program which will represent the platform for the operational planning with the main stakeholders on: Jewish heritage, models of cultural, educational and tourist development on the development of transversal networks with stakeholders as well as on financial opportunities and development of economically self-sustainable projects. Last but not least, a "makeathon" will be prepared for the creation of joint transnational projects and services among the national work teams for the EUSDR in order to increase the transnational connectivity of the Routes.
  4. Extension of the Route. Launching and extension of the Route under the monitoring of the Scientific Committee.

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