In the Adriatic-Ionian Region, the Phoenicians' Route developed its branding strategy in line with the overall branding strategy for the EU strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR). The brand contributed in increasing the competitiveness of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe and helped develop new products and service.

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Specific objectives

  1. Build the Adriatic-Ionian ‘brand’ linked to a cultural tourism product based on the identity that it intended to create;
  2. Diversify and expand the cruise and nautical sectors to coastal hinterland economies and design connection systems realized through agreements between private companies;
  3. Establish a R&D platform with universities, research centres and the business community to develop new tourist products and services;
  4. Promote new tourist routes for walking, cycling and sailing, among others;
  5. Embrace the Adriatic and Ionian cultural heritage through working together with the cultural sector;
  6. Improve access to tourism products and services for senior groups, disabled people, low income groups, among others.



  1. Network of Museums and archaeological areas: Identified and selected museums and archaeological sites in Croatia, Greece and Italy that linked to themes developed by the Route;
  2. Branding and coordinated image in line with the Adriatic-Ionian ‘brand’: Designed and realized the "Smart Way" card, promotional leaflets and brochures distributed to museums an archaeological areas;
  3. Design of “Smart Ways”: through identifying resources in the areas involved, enhancing existing networking activities and a sustainable integrated production chain. The "Way" acts as a collector of heritages, communities and single services, in the development of a territorial quality brand;
  4. Strategic and Territorial Marketing: Developed marketing actions based on Sustainable and Creative Tourism in the promotion of the "Way" through the territorial quality brand “Phoenicians’ Route – Routes4U” via actions through the collaboration of tour operators and cooperation with national and regional tourism boards.

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