In conjunction with the objective of the EU strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR) and its Pillar 4 on Sustainable Tourism, the project of the Routes of the Olive Tree aims at increasing the attractiveness of the destination, thus contributing to: the creation of new jobs; the reduction of tourism seasonality; the improvement of the quality of life; the reinforcement of the social cohesion of the macro-region; the increase of regional development indicators; the protection and the promotion of a particular cultural heritage, unknown to the general public.


Specific objectives

  1. Extend the Routes of the Olive Tree in EUSAIR through the design and development of an itinerary that highlights the comparative advantages of each area;
  2. Develop a branding strategy for the Route, identifying the main travellers in order to improve tourism products and services linked to the Olive Tree.
  3. Create specific tourism offers and services for Adriatic-Ionian Region linked to the Olive Tree heritage, thus strengthening the Route and the EUSAIR.


  1. Follow the Routes of the Olive Tree: Extension of the network in at least three countries of EUSAIR. The interactive maps together with new points of interests are published on the website in the specific national languages. The new members will officially accede the Routes of the Olive Tree during an event, where their cultural tourism offer will be presented.
  2. Discover the Routes of the Olive Tree Treasures: Creation of a brand name/logo in order to facilitate the visibility of the products and services linked to the Olive Tree;
  3. Go there NOW!: Creation of Info-Points to provide the local community with the relevant information about the Cultural Route and the activities of the Council of Europe on the other Routes in general. Cooperation with tourism offices to ensure a wide visibility.

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