EKCYP correspondents

The EKCYP is supported by a European wide network of European Knowledge Centre correspondents nominated by the member states ministries.

Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR)

The Pool of European Youth Researchers – or PEYR in short – is a unique initiative on the European level and it represents a contribution of both the Council of Europe and the European Commission to evidence based policy-making in the field of youth. PEYR network consists of  35...

Expert and Steering Groups

The EU-Council of Europe youth partnership is coordinating the work of the expert group on Recognition of Youth Work and non-formal learning and the Steering Group of the European Platform on Learning Mobility.
EKCYP-PEYR meetings EKCYP-PEYR meetings

The EKCYP expert database: who is who in the youth field

The EKCYP expert database allows experts in youth matters to place their own portfolios setting out their expertise and make them widely available. It intends to support the network building between youth practitioners, policy-makers and researchers.