Paths to justice in North Macedonia 

 English version (PDF 6.87 Mb)

 Macedonian version (PDF 7.65 Mb)

A brief introduction to policing public gatherings: a guide for practitioners (translation)

 Bosnian version (PDF 3.32 Mb)

Impact assessment report: Supporting enhanced access to higher quality Free Legal Aid services in North Macedonia

 English version (PDF 484 Kb)

Policy paper: Addressing radicalisation and violent extremism in prisons in the Western Balkans

 Albanian version (PDF 11.4 Mb)

 English version (PDF 7.53 Mb)

 Macedonian version (PDF 11.6 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 12.1 Mb)

Standard operating procedures on provision of healthcare services in penitentiary system

 Macedonian version (900 Kb)