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'Dynamic Security’ as a precondition for proper screening and assessment of violent extremist prisoners

1-3 December 2020 Western Balkans

The 3rd regional session of the working group on screening, risk and needs assessment (RNA) when it comes to violent extremist prisoners (VEPs) and radicalised inmates in the Western Balkans, took place online in the period 1-3 December 2020. The meeting was attended by multisector professionals...

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Workshops for judicial officials on performance-based financial management and control organised in Montenegro

3 December 2020 Budva

Two workshops for court presidents, heads of prosecution offices and members of secretariats of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council responsible for financial administration were organised in Budva, in co-operation with the Judicial Training Centre. The workshops were designed in line with the...

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Support to the media community in Montenegro critical to the successful implementation of reformed media legislative framework

1 December 2020 Podgorica

Protection of journalists has been one of the most critical issues within the ongoing media legislative reforms that the joint European Union/Council of Europe action “Freedom of expression and freedom of the media in Montenegro – JUFREX 2” has been actively supporting. In order to broaden the...

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One third of Montenegrin citizens do not want to live in the same country with LGBTI persons

27 November 2020 Podgorica

One third of Montenegrin citizens do not want to live in the same country with LGBTI persons, while almost 43 percent of them believe that these people should not have the same rights as all other citizens, has shown research of the European Union and Council of Europe which was conducted by the...

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Initiating the Piloting of the Risk and Needs Assessment tools for Individual Sentence Planning in three Albanian prisons

2 December 2020 Albania

The EU and Council of Europe are working together with the General Directorate of Prison Administration (GDPA) and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Albania to further strengthen the capacities of the rehabilitation staff in its prisons, improving thus the protection of prisoners’ rights...

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Continuous support to the Ministry of Justice – Prison Administration in designing a strategic approach towards enforcement of criminal sanctions and protection of persons deprived of liberty

30 November 2020 Belgrade

The Ministry of Justice of Serbia and its Prison Administration begun the work on the development of the new Strategy for Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions on 27 November 2020. This process has been supported by the Working Group established within the joint European Union and Council of Europe...

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Capacity building for education advisors on recognising child trafficking and exploitation

1 December 2020 Skopje

Twenty education advisors participated in a three-day online training on preventing and recognising child trafficking and exploitation. The training increased their knowledge on several topics such as: risk factors, vulnerability of children, indicators of human trafficking and exploitation,...

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The first webinar for students of law faculties in Serbia on the topic of human rights protection under the European Convention on Human Rights

30 November 2020 Serbia

The first webinar on the topic “Human rights protection under the European Convention on Human Rights“, took place on 27 November 2020. The webinar was organised in co-operation with the Centre for Human Rights of the Law Faculty in Belgrade and brought together around 35 students from the law...

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Special police forces started the training of the national team of trainers

26 November 2020 Budva

Members of the Montenegrin special police forces took part in a first round of training of trainers session on 23-25 November. The process follows the development of training curricula specifically targeting the special forces officers and their need for human rights related education. Therefore,...

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Developing prison IT software in Bosnia and Herzegovina

27 November 2020 Sarajevo

With the support of the European Union and the Council of Europe, prison authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have commissioned the introduction of information technologies in prisons, in light of previous Council of Europe recommendations. The Working group, comprising prison professionals and...

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Recognising child trafficking and exploitation: capacity building for education advisors

26 November 2020 Belgrade

Education advisors participated in a 3-day online training on preventing and recognising child trafficking and exploitation, offering knowledge on risk factors, vulnerability of children and indicators of human trafficking. The training was organised by the action “Preventing and combating...

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Closing event of the campaign “OPPORTUNITY OR EXPLOITATION” to prevent and combat human trafficking for labour exploitation

26 November 2020 Skopje

While ending on 25 November, the awareness raising campaign “Opportunity or Exploitation” will continue to affect its followers. NGO Open Gate and the action "Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings in North Macedonia" held the final event during which the results of the 3-month...

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Quality education for all – Serbia: another series of online teacher training for more than 200 educationalists

23 November 2020 Serbia

Professional development and improved ways of working with students should never be disregarded. Especially not during the pandemic that has disrupted the processes of teaching and learning. While the challenges imposed on the teachers and students become more and more prominent, innovative...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Good data saves women’s lives: The need for robust data collection on violence against women in Turkey

27 November 2020 Ankara

As part of the global campaign of 16 days of activism to end violence against women, an international webinar on “Administrative data collection and analysis on violence against women and domestic violence” will be held on 30 November 2020 as a part of the European Union and Council of Europe’s...

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3rd Steering Committee Meeting on “Promoting diversity and equality” takes place in Pristina.

27 November 2020 Pristina

The public authorities and key actors in the field of promoting equality and diversity in Kosovo* reaffirmed their commitment to work closely with EU and Council of Europe to ensure protection of equal rights through the proper implementation of the policy/legal framework related to...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: New survey on discrimination in Montenegro, including in the COVID-19 context, to be presented on Friday

26 November 2020 Podgorica

Results of a new survey on trends in discrimination in Montenegro will be presented in an online meeting on Friday, 27 November 2020, from 10:00 to 12:30. This is the first comprehensive survey on discrimination conducted since 2018, and the first one taking into account the COVID-19 context. It...

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Rehabilitation Program and Treatment Plan for Violent Extremist Prisoners (VEPs) in Serbia finalised

24 November 2020 Belgrade

Representatives from the Serbian Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and prison staff, were unanimous at the 4th session of the Working Group in recognising the importance of proper identification and rehabilitation of VEPs and radicalised prisoners. Supported by an intentional Council of...

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Amending the Criminal Code in North Macedonia to enhance the safety of journalists

24 October 2020 North Macedonia

The amendments to the Criminal Code of North Macedonia were discussed in a webinar with representatives from the Ministry of Justice and professional journalists, lawyers, prosecutors as well civil society representatives. This is the first of a set of two webinars being organised in the...

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Serbian labour inspectors learned on human trafficking for labour exploitation

23 November 2020 Serbia

15 labour inspectors from eight Serbian cities participated in the online workshop on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation from 18 to 20 November 2020. Trough the multidisciplinary, comprehensive and very participative approach, the...

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“Notary: a professional at the service of all citizens”, the motto behind the workshop on the development of the new Code of Notary Ethics

19 - 20 November 2020 Kolasin

Notaries are an integral part of the legal order in 22 EU Member States and exist in many Council of Europe members states as well. According to the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) Specific Study on the Legal Professions conducted in 2019 in collaboration with the...

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