Online resources published in 2024


Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter V: Participation):

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter III: Employment and entrepreurship): Albania

Report on the seminar on young people's political participation (2023)



  AI and the youth sector (animated video series)

Draft report: Growing youth work in Eastern and Southeast Europe regional seminar

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter VII: Health and well-being): Moldova (Republic of)

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter IV: Social inclusion): Moldova (Republic of)


February 2024

Young people's participation and digitalisation: opening up space for new forms of political participation?, by Adina Marina Șerban and Demet Lüküslü 

Sustain-Mobility Coference Report

Youth work in South-East Europe, by Dunja Potočnik and Mary Drosopulos

Review of the 9 cycles of the EU Youth Dialogue (2010-2022): Executive summary

 T-kit 6: Training essentials in Ukrainian


January 2024

  What topics are important for youth work development in the upcoming years?

Perspectives on Youth: Edited volume from the Young people's autonomy seminar

 New recognition stories from the community of practice

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter III: Employment and entrepreneurship)

 Cross-sectoral policy

 Key questions for research and policy

 Youth policy: reflections on essentials

 Policy clock dynamics

 Youth policy core principles

Online resources published in 2023

December 2023

The entrepreneurial mindset as a key factor for youth employability and youth entrepreneurship and the role of Youth Work in Europe, by Konstantinos Stergiou and Kostas Filippidis

State of youth learning mobility: The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and war in Ukraine on learning mobility programmes in Europe, by Dragan Stanojević and Sintija Lase

 Young people's political participation

Webinar: Curricula for youth worker education at EQF levels 4-5

Joint EKCYP-PEYR annual meeting report, 2023

  What is the value of youth work in a rapidly changing world?

  What does it take for youth work to grow?

Youth Knowledge Book #30: Transitions on hold? How the Covid-19 pandemic affected young people's transition to autonomy, edited by Ewa Krzaklewska, Howard Williamson, Amy Stapleton, Frank Tillmann

Youth Knowledge Book #29: Youth political participation, edited by Tomaž Deželan, Cristina Bacalso, Anna Lodeserto


November 2023

Visible value – Growing youth work in Europe: Handbook to support reflection and action, by Zara Lavchyan, Dragan Atanasov and Tanya Basarab

T-kit 15: Participatory youth policy

 Training particpatory youth policy

Webinar: Communicating youth research in six steps, by Maria Paola de Salvo

Webinar: Emerging topics in youth research, by Dunja Potočnik


October 2023

 Participation and gender

 Participation and digitalisation

 The Youth Partnership (animated video)


September 2023

 How to be more sustainabile in mobility projects?


August 2023

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter III: Employment and entrepreneurship)

Contemporary forms of young women’s participation: priorities, challenges and ways forward? Anna Lavizzari and Laden Yurttagüler (2023)


July 2023

T-kits translated into French:

EPLM newsletter: Summer 2023

Webinar: Youth worker educational standards and curricula, by Dr Hilary Tierney:

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter VII: Health and well-being)


June 2023

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter V: Participation)

Collection of Resources on Sustainability and Learning Mobility


May 2023

New forms of political participation. Statistical survey, by Laden Yurttagüler and Eren Pultar (2023)

Contribution to the EU youth Wiki (Chapter V: Participation)

T-kit 13 "Sustainability in youth work" in Armenian


April 2023

Contribution to the EU Youth Wiki (Chapter V: Participation)


March 2023

Youth policy essentials in Swedish

Youth research essentials in Swedish

Youth work essentials in Swedish

Evaluation of participant inclusion levels within the EU Youth Dialogue, by Dr Dan Moxon, supported by Ondrej Barta 

YKB-26 Youth workers education in French

 Young women's political participation


February 2023

Youth policy essentials: in Icelandic, in Spanish

Youth research essentials: in Icelandic, in Spanish

Youth work essentials: in Icelandic, in Spanish

Symposium Navigating Transitions: adapting policy to young people’s changing realities

Briefing February 2023:  Covid-19 recovery policy measures: the role of governments, youth organisations and young people in Europeby James O’Donovan, Sladjana Petkovic


January 2023

 New podcasts on:

  • Access to youth services during Covid-19
  • Visible Value
  • Media and information literacy

T-kit 12 in Ukrainian