Online resources published in 2020

December 2020

Mapping of youth research structures, key stakeholders and data collections across Europe, by Alena Ignatovitch and Sladjana Petkovic

Background information on youth policy in Montenegro

Youth Work in Montenegro

Different Understandings and Definitions of European Education for Democratic Citizenship, by Bryony Hoskins

EPLM newsletter. Winter-2020

Researching Youth: New Methods in Changing Times,  by Humera Iqbal, Katherine Twamley and Charlotte Faircloth

November 2020

Study on social inclusion and digitalisation

Youth work in eastern Europe. Study

Background information on Cypriot youth policy

Youth work essentials

Youth work and TECHLASH. What are the new challenges of digitalisation for young people? by Lasse Siurala

October 2020

Effects of Covid-19 across youth work and youth activities. Summary of the survey launched by the CMJ working group on responses to Covid-19

Towards a better understanding of the impact of Covid-19 on the youth sector. Summary analysis of the EKCYP surveyBy James Donovan and Manfred Zentner

September 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on young people and on the youth sector: what have we done so far?

Youth work communities in Europe: practitioners, arenas and cross-sectoral partnerships. Study based on national realities in nine European countries

August 2020

Background information on youth policy in France

T-kit 7 "European citizenship in youth work" in ESTONIAN

T-kit 13 "Sustainability and youth work" in ESTONIAN

July 2020

EPLM newsletter: Summer 2020

June 2020

Youth worker education in Europe. Policies, structures, practices. YKB 27

Youth policy in Croatia - new publications:

Youth Homelessness in Generation Covid19. How does Covid19 impact on vulnerable and already marginalised young people experiencing homelessness? By Robbie Stakelum and Miriam Matthiessen

Being “The researchers” in a political participatory environment. Learning from undertaking the researcher role in the EU Youth Dialogue, by Dan Moxon and Ondřej Bárta

May 2020

Background information on the Norwegian youth policy

Country sheet on youth work in Norway

Country sheet on youth work in Finland

Perspectives on youth participation, analytical paper by Tomi Kiilakoski

Compendium “The future of young people’s political participation: questions, challenges and opportunities”

Country information on Belgian (Flemish community) youth policy

April 2020

EU-CoE youth partnership: promotional leaflet

Background information on Serbian youth policy

Country sheet on youth work in Armenia

Country sheet on Swedish youth policy

March 2020

PEYR: 9th Annual Meeting Report, Novi Sad, 20 June 2019

Edu4Europe: Education for European democratic citizenship forum (Strasbourg 2019): Final report

Promoting quality in youth work practice in Europe, by James O’Donovan

Youth policy in Czech Republic - related publications:

Youth policy in Estonia - new publications:

Youth policy in Armenia - new information:

January 2020