Perspective on youth work developments

Country fact sheets

The 3rd European Youth Work Convention (EYWC) played a key role in launching the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda (EYWA) as a strategic framework for further developing and strengthening youth work practice and policies in Europe.

The goal of these country fact sheets was to provide basic information about the perspective on youth work developments in a specific country. All information has been gathered from national contact points, reports or country sheets, and profiles available online. The purpose of this fact sheet was to stimulate discussion before, at, and after the 3rd EYWC among the members of the national delegations. The given information is to be understood as a suggestion only and a starting point for further development by the delegation to plan actions for implementing the EYWA.

These country factsheets gather a number of:

 facts, related to:

  • youth work as a recognised occupation
  • the legislative framework for youth work
  • main youth work actors: (ministries, youth NGOs, municipalities etc.)

 highlights related to youth work development

 strengths, Successes and Challenges

 support needed

 greatest need for further development of youth work in the next three years (based on the objectives of the European Youth Work Agenda), and

 additional sources.