Engagement and Campaigning workshops

15-16 May 2014 Amadora, Spain
The City of Amadora received C4i Consultants Project, Gemma Pinyol and Daniel Torres, to introduce the C4i project and participate in the Engagement & Campaigning workshops, on 15 and 16 May 2014. The program of the visit included a meeting with Ms. President, Aldermen and C4I Team, workshops to present the project to the Local Social Network (CLAS) and workshops for a first identification of rumors and prevailing stereotypes in Amadora, with the collaboration of local organizations and...

Press conference on solidarity walk of the city of Amadora

27/09/15 Amadora
"Diversity is one of the most positive and important strengths  of Amadora" -this was the main message sent by the Mayor of Amadora, Carla Tavares on 14th September at the press conference that presented the second edition of the Aqueduct Race. "It makes sense to associate our diversity as a municipality to this race", said the mayor : "It is increasingly important to bring people to the street, recalling the pre-eminent importance of sporting activities". "Combine the appreciation of the...

"For Diversity" pedestrian walk in the city of Amadora

27/09/2015 Amadora
“For the second year the City of Amadora, organizes a pedestrian run called "Aqueduct Run", with the extension of 10 km and a "Solidarity Walk" with a length of 5 km. "For Diversity" is the motto of the second edition of the run that this year is associated to the campaign "Do not feed the rumor." The race is intended to federated and non-federated athletes and will take place on Sunday 27th September at 10 o’clock. If you live in Portugal or if you are here for holidays and wish to run or...

"Lublin Rumour-Eater" Video Workshop

Launch of english versions of of short videos produced during "Lublin Rumour-Eaters" Video Workshops in Lublin, 2015. The videos can be consulted on the website  www.stopplotkom.lublin.eu and youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcX1gROLFTQMFnq0e4XWV7A
Launch of the Comic-Exhibition

Comic-Exhibition, Erlangen

30.07.2015 Erlangen, Germany
30 July 2015 : Launch of the Comic-Exhibition "Come as you are and leave different" in the Erlangen Cityhall
23-24 June 2015 Brussels, Committee of the Regions

Final Conference : Building Inclusive Societies

22 June 2015
The conference builds upon the collaborative experience of two transnational projects, “Communication for Integration” (C4I) “Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration” (DELI), co-financed by the European Integration Fund and involving 21 European cities. The overall goal of the two projects is to promote intercultural integration and to enhance democratic governance and security. The conference will discuss innovative and effective approaches to the economic integration and contribution...

Anti-rumour agents meet in Sabadell

23 March 2015 Sabadell
On 9 February 2015, the anti-rumour agents met for the second time in Sabadell, Spain.  The main goal of this meeting was to inform and talk about the situation of the Communication for Integration project (C4i) to the members of Sabadell’s Anti-rumours network, to appraise the on-going project activities, to share experience among anti-rumour agents and to view the Co-existence Rap video (available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XLqQLsNm-c). The Co-existence Rap project directly...

Take a tour of Loures’ neighbourhood

6 March 2015
On 28 February 2015, some 130 persons participated in the guided tour of Quinta do Mocho neighbourhood conducted by the C4i team of Loures, Portugal, together with local artists and youth. In October 2014, breath-taking frescos were painted on 35 buildings in the neighbourhood, with the help of 2000 artists and local residents, 25 NGOs and 43 private companies. The aim of this 3 days’ intervention, known as “O Bairro I o Mundo” (the neighborhood and the world), was to change the image of the...

Anti-rumour kite contest launched in Amadora, Portugal

4 March 2014 Amadora, Portugal
As part of the campaign “Do not Feed the Rumor!” launched by Amadora’s City Council in September 2014, the city has set up a kite contest for all primary and secondary schools. The contest is held between 2 March and 30 April 2015. The results will be presented to the public on May 21 (World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development). The contest aims to promote the appreciation of cultural diversity and social cohesion; to contribute to the deconstruction of stereotypes,...

Patras trains anti-rumour agents in prison

26 February 2015 Patras, Greece
On 28 January 2015, C4i in Patras, Greece, held an anti-rumour workshop on the premises of the municipal prison. The workshop was attended by the prison director, staff and prisoners of different nationalities. Konstantinos Apostolopoulos, Patras C4i coordinator, argues: “Prison is a small society that involves coexistence of people from very many different ethnic backgrounds. The exchange that took place at the workshop revealed fruitful concerns and questions and demonstrated that there is...

Don’t get soaked by rumours in Patras!

23 February 2015 Patras, Greece
In Patras, Greece, childrens’ carnival, held on 15 February 2015, served as a platform to address rumours about citizens from diverse backgrounds.  A group of children, both local and migrant, was set around the topic of “Rumours do not get us wet!” with the support of the municipal authorities, migrant communities and NGOs. Quite symbolically, the children were dressed in yellow shiny colours and wore umbrellas to protect themselves from the “rain of rumours.” The group was accompanied by a...

The Sabadell Bar Association has joined the Sabadell “Anti-Rumors” Network

The Sabadell Bar Association has joined the Sabadell “Anti-Rumors” Network, originally started by the City Council, in order to stop and deny the misconceptions, clichés and stereotypes regarding the immigrant community. One of the main goals of the project is the promotion of different actions to fight against rumours. These include the training of anti-rumours agents with arguments that will deny the false rumours widespread in society as true. This project was part of a grant by the...

Gastronomic month in Sabadell

10 Nov. - 5 Dec 2014 Sabadell, Spain
The Sabadell City Council suggests approaching its citizens to other cultures. To do so, a series of gastronomic events will be held during the lunch buffet at Escola d’Hosteleria, Vapor Llonch (Ctra. de Barcelona, 208 bis, Sabadell). The series will last for almost a month, starting November 10th till December 5th. Under the title “Mes Gastronòmic Intercultural”, the series will offer the recipes resulting from the exchange of knowledge between the school’s students and staff, which includes...

The Sabadell Anti-Rumours Network Introduces the European Project C4i Communication for Integration

The Sabadell City Council, also known as Casal Pere Quart, served hosted a presentation  by the C4i project, which is part of the project Teixint la convivència (promoting coexistence): Sabadell Anti-Rumour Network by the Department of Civil Rights and Citizenship of Sabadell City Council. As said by the Sabadell Mayor Joan Carles Sánchez in today’s presentation: “We need to be conscious that rumours appear anonymously under the social mass. This generates an effect of responsibility assumed...

Lublin: Antirumours Methodology ToT

14 October 2014 Lublin, Poland
How to react to rumours and stereotypes about foreigners? How to share the knowledge with others and get them on board as antirumours agents? How to build a positive atmosphere for migrants in Lublin? How is it done in Barcelona? All of these questions were answered during last month's Training of Trainers for antirumours agents. The workshop was organized by the Municipality of Lublin on the 14th of October, 2014 as a part of „Communication for Integration” project. The training was held by...

Action anti-rumour in a celebration of Solidarity Party

4 October 2014 Sabadell, Spain
The cultural event “Mostra de la Solidaritat” (Solidarity Show) was held on October 4th 2014, with more than 700 visitors attending the event and counting on the presence of the Anti-Rumour Sabadell network. Also, 15 agents of the network took part in the party, and around 150 people would be interested in the project asking for information at the network's stand. There were two dynamisation workshops promoted by La Xixa Teatre, who facilitated the roulette and the photocall. A total of  60...

2nd C4i visit to Patras: project sustainability through political shifts

10 October 2014 Patras, Greece
On 10 October 2014, Patras welcomed the second C4i visit by Sean O’Siochru, C4i evaluation consultant, and Christina Baglai, C4i project manager. The visit took place in a context of political shifts, after the May 2014 municipal elections, which brought about a change in political orientation and the replacement of the C4i city representative. Konstantinos Apostolopoulos, Patras C4i coordinator, acknowledged that the main C4i partnerships, specifically the municipal Office of Volunteerism...

2nd C4i visit to Botkyrka: the power of networking

25-26 September 2014 Botkyrka, Sweden
On 25 and 26 September 2014, future anti-rumor agents were trained in Botkyrka, the most ethnically diverse Swedish municipality with its 55 per cent of residents with a foreign background, against 19 per cent nation-wise. The majority of the participants, young people in their twenties, both students and community leaders, attended the training as somebody had recommended them. Networking thus emerged as a distinctive feature and a strength underlying the work of the C4i project team in...

Engagement and Campaigning workshops

15-16 May 2014 Amadora, Portugal
On 15-16 May within the framework of the C4i Project the City of Amadora, Portugal, welcomed C4i project manager Gemma Pinyol and the project’s campaigning and engagement consultant Daniel de Torres. The C4i team introduced the project and participated in the Engagement & Campaigning workshop. The agenda of the visit included a meeting between Ms President, Aldermen and the C4I Team, workshops aiming to present the project to the Local Social Network (CLAS) and to an initial identification of...

2nd C4i visit to Limerick: high-level engagement and fine-tuning targets

8-9 September 2014 Limerick, Ireland
On 8 and 9 September 2014, Limerick welcomed the second C4i visit by Daniel de Torres, C4i engagement and campaign consultant, and Christina Baglai, C4i project manager. On the first day, the participants – enthusiastic representatives of the Youth Council, social services, University, NGOs and students – were trained to become anti-rumour agents. The next step forward for Limerick’s team will be to pursue the identification of potential anti-rumour agents and to conduct more targeted...
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