Press conference on solidarity walk of the city of Amadora

Amadora 27/09/15
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Press conference on solidarity walk of the city of Amadora

"Diversity is one of the most positive and important strengths  of Amadora" -this was the main message sent by the Mayor of Amadora, Carla Tavares on 14th September at the press conference that presented the second edition of the Aqueduct Race. "It makes sense to associate our diversity as a municipality to this race", said the mayor : "It is increasingly important to bring people to the street, recalling the pre-eminent importance of sporting activities".

"Combine the appreciation of the cultural diversity to sports is an opportunity to discover people who have exceptional talent, with plenty to offer" -  this was the motto launched at the Great Hall of Recreios da Amadora by Nuno Delgado, a former Portuguese judoka, bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 and one of the " anti-rumors agents " of the Do not Feed the Rumor! Campaign, to which the Aqueduct Race associates this year, looking for to help in the deconstruction of stereotypes, prejudices and rumors about the immigrant population of the municipality.

Vicente Marcel de Almeida, President of the Athletics Lisbon Association, praised the commitment of the municipality in this sporting event with "feet to walk," praising the union of sports to social concerns of the country. "It is necessary to liberate Amadora from prejudice", he reiterates.

Dulce Felix and Hermano Ferreira (male winner of last year Aqueduct Race) were also present, publicly demonstrating their support for this event and will be two national athletes who, on the 27th of September, will be ready to compete next to Clarisse Cruz and Ricardo Ribas, among others.

The Aqueduct Race begns at 10:00 am, with departure and arrival at Avenida Conde Castro Guimarães, opposite to  the Biblioteca Municipal Fernando Piteira dos Santos and the Military Academy, and along the Águas Livres Aqueduct, crossing the Amadora, as a major city brand images.

Besides the proof of athletics, this sporting event includes a solidarity walk 5 Km designated Solidarity Walk.

This competition is sponsored by the city of Amadora and has the support of the Lisbon Athletics Association and the Decathlon Store of Amadora, with the technical organization in charge of Jesus Events. It intended to federated and non-federated athletes of both sexes.

Registration is limited to 1,500 participants and can be made by 21st September at the site of (different prices as of registration date).

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