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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain with a total population of 1,611,822 inhabitants in June 2013. It is the capital of  Catalonia and the headquarters for the Mediterranean Union. As a result of gradual integration over the centuries, the city is now organised in ten districts composed of several smaller neighborhoods with a distinct personality and historical tradition. The administration of these districts is decentralised and close to citizens. Catalan is the official language of Catalonia, as is Spanish, which is the official language of Spain. Both languages coexist in Barcelona, where most people understand, write, read and speak it normally. The city, with a very diverse migrant population of 281,225 (17.4%), is an open gate to living together and dialogue between neighbors of diverse life experiences, numerous languages and cultures. Barcelona’s cosmopolitan nature is, undoubtedly, one of its most outstanding features. It receives continuous recognition as a global city of great international projection, not only because of its diverse population but also because of its cultural, financial, commercial and touristic importance.

In regards of its social development, Barcelona public policies seek to build an intercultural community of citizens with a shared project for an integrated, unified and dynamic city through 1) acknowledgement and promotion of its diversity, 2) furthering equal rights, obligations and opportunities, and 3) promoting positive interaction among culturally diverse individuals and groups.



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Action Plan for the BCN Antirumours Network 2012-2014. The document includes initiatives, actions and instruments to be developed, in topics such awareness, training, education and media (in Catalan).

 Pla d’acció Xarxa BCN Antirumors 2012-2014


C4i Kickoff meeting

11-12 February 2014 Barcelona, Spain
The Council of Europe launches an innovative project to combat xenophobia and to promote social cohesion Have you ever heard expressions like "Immigrants receive more financial aid to open their...

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