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Many thanks to all those that have contributed to this issue of Coyote.

Published by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, September 2014.

Reproduction of texts and pictures is authorised provided the source and author are quoted.
The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily express the official view of the European Commission or Council of Europe, their member states or the organisations co-operating with the institutions.

To receive further information about Partnership projects or to subscribe to Coyote, please contact the Partnership Secretariat. You can also contact the editor with your comments, suggestions and ideas at the same address.

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mark taylor
Great to see Coyote 21 online!
And, readers, you can now comment on the magazine's contents here!
Looking forward to read you!
Posted on 04/09/14 18:15.
Good to see things on-line. I hope that many people will visit the page and get inspired from the articles!!!
Posted on 30/09/14 14:35.
Good to see another nicely layouted Coyote online - give me some more time to react to the content...
Posted on 08/10/14 15:24.
mark taylor
Good to see you here Philipp! And certainly please come back and react to the content!!!
Posted on 12/10/14 08:47 in reply to Philipp BOETZELEN.
Posted on 20/04/17 12:23.
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