2016 2016
Budepest, Hungary 5-9 September 2016
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Annual Meetings of the Pool of European Youth Researchers and of the Correspondents of the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy

At the occasion of the annual meeting of the Pool of European Youth Researchers (6 September 2016) and the 12th Annual of the European Knowledge Centre on Youth Policy (8 September 2016), the EU-CoE youth partnership organised the Research Seminar on Trends and Perspectives on Youth Research on 7 September in the European Youth Centre Budapest. The seminar brought together the PEYR and EKCYP as well as other experts and contributors on five themes identified in advance:

  • Learning Mobility
  • Participation and E-participation
  • Bridges with formal education, Vocational Education and Training and unemployment
  • Transitions
  • Young migrants and refugee, and the role of youth work.

These topics were explored from three perspectives:

  • What is youth research currently covering on the specific topic?
  • What are the missing areas?
  • What should youth research pick up in the future related to the topic?

Youth researchers discussed questions of methodology and approaches, groups and themes that are coming up as a result of the social, economic and political context in Europe today. A sixth theme focused on the importance of building research infrastructure on youth, the lack of which has been highlighted in several countries.