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Inclusive day celebrations in Montenegro

Upon the initiative of the Action “Fostering a democratic school culture in Montenegro”, the Ministry of Education decided to establish an official “INCLUSIVE DAY” which will be celebrated in the Montenegrin schools every 11 October. It aims to promote the concept of inclusive education as a reform principle in designing and implementing education policies.

This year “Inclusive day” was celebrated throughout Montenegro in more than 20 schools under the auspices of the Horizontal Facility Action. Teachers and pupils organised a number of events including workshops, roundtables, debates, thematic classes and art exhibitions, all of them aiming at promoting and learning how to live together, as democratic citizens in diverse societies.

The main celebration took place in the Education Centre in Pluzine. The Head of Operations at the Council of Europe`s Programme Office Ms Angela Longo and the Education project team of the office visited the Centre and met with its director Ms Gordana Radović. Children from the kindergarten and elementary school, as well as students from the higher classes  took part in choral singing, music, dance, sketches referring to the COE Competences on democratic culture and truly embraced the day of celebrations. School teachers and pupils took great effort to ensure that spectators enjoy every minute. 

 More information and photos of the celebrations that took place throughout Montenegro can be found in the report on the day

 Short film of children dancing with democratic competencies in Pluzine

Montenegro 27 October 2017
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