Mapping responses to hate speech in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A situational analysis and mapping report

 English version (PDF 3.95 Mb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 8.55 Mb)

Commentary to the Law on National Councils of National Minorities 

 Serbian version (PDF 5.65 Mb)

Analysis of the quality assurance system in higher education and the Law on academic integrity

 English and Montenegrin version (PDF 1.38 Mb)

Ethical Charter

 English version (PDF 5.89 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 5.78 Mb)

Trends in trafficking in human beings in Türkiye: analysis and action proposals 

 English version (PDF 1.38 Mb)

 Turkish version (PDF 1.43 Mb)

Child trafficking and child protection 

 English version (PDF 3.42 Mb)

 Turkish version (PDF 3.50 Mb)

Handbook for legal ai­d lawyers on women’s access to just­ice i­n Türki­ye 

 English version (1.29 Mb)

 Turkish version (4.39 Mb)

Quality history education in the 21st century 

 Serbian version (PDF 1.35 Mb)

Labour trafficking in Serbia: risk factors, trends and challenges 

 English version (PDF 2.44 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 2.45 Mb)

Strategic Plan 2022 -2026 of the Commissioner for Protection Against Discrimination 

 Albanian version (PDF 1.38 Mb)

 English version (PDF 1.39 Mb)

Roma cultural capital: literary work of dr Hedina Tahirovic-Sijercic 

 Bosnian version (PDF 6.42 Mb)

Guidelines for integration of RFCDC in selected subjects of national curricula 

 English version (PDF 6.21 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 12.7 Mb)

Democratic culture in the digital environment – a handbook for schools 

 English version (PDF 2.76 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 2.89 Mb)

Growing up in a democratic family: a manual for parents with sections on ages 6 – 10 and 11 – 14

 English version (PDF 15.4 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 9.29 Mb)

Living in a democratic family: a manual for parents of adolescents age 15 to 19 

 English version (PDF 20.4 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 12 Mb)

Additional materials to use with your children

Co-operation organiser

 English version (PDF 780 Kb)

 Serbian version (PDF 283 Kb)

Our democratic family – poster

  English version (PDF 1.88 Mb)

  Serbian version (PDF 592 Kb)

Table game

 English version (PDF 596 Kb)

 Serbian version (PDF 392 Kb)

State criteria for the monitoring and improving the implementation of recommendations linked to the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages 

 Bosnian version (PDF 3.46 Mb)

Study on the phenomenon of child trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

 English version (PDF 2.58 Mb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 2.56 Mb)

Report on the use of hate speech in Serbian media

 English version (PDF 1.05 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 1.07 Mb)

Handbook on Anti-discrimination Law 

 English version (PDF 6.08 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 6.21 Mb)

Patterns and degree of discrimination in Montenegro, Center for Democracy and Human Rights 

 English version (PDF 11.09 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 10.76 Mb)

Analytical report 

 English version (PDF 4.76 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 4.77 Mb)

Manual for police officers for the work with LGBTIQ persons 

 Montenegrin version (PDF 4.98 Mb)

Compendium of good practices in addressing trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation 

 Bosnian version (PDF 780 Kb)

Speak peace! Hate speech is not an option 

 English version (PDF 2.43 Mb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 2.46 Mb) 

 Macedonian version (PDF 2.53 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 2.41 Mb) 

 Serbian version (PDF 2.47 Mb)

Digital citizenship handbook

 Serbian version (PDF 3 050 Kb)

2021-2024 Action Plan to improve the state of human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBTI people in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 English version (PDF 860 Kb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 812 Kb)

Leaflet: Ombudsperson, gender equality and the rights of LGBTI persons 

 Serbian version (PDF 390 Kb)

Quality education for all in Montenegro: Quality school – quality education

 English version (PDF 1.42 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 848 Kb)

Gap analysis of the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases in Türkiye 

 English version (PDF 3.07 Mb)

 Turkish version (PDF 3.07 Mb)

Understanding barriers to women's access to justice and legal aid in Türkiye 

 English version (1.47 Mb)

 Turkish version (3.04 Mb)

Handbook on strategic litigation in the area of women's rights 

 English version (732 Kb)

 Turkish version (4.80 Mb)

Study “Assessing the age of children at risk of trafficking in human beings in Bosnia and Herzegovina” 

 English version (PDF 21.9 Mb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 24.9 Mb)

Guidelines for the protection of the private life and personal data of victims of human trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

 English version (PDF 3.40 Mb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 5.42 Mb)

Towards better understanding of LGBTI persons' rights and their position in the society (Centre for free elections and democracy)

 English version (PDF 1.62 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 1.71 Mb)

Guidelines for the work of National Councils of national minorities in Serbia

 Albanian version (PDF 1.86 Mb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 1.82 Mb)

 Bulgarian version (PDF 1.89 Mb)

 Bunjevac version (PDF 1.82 Mb)

 Croatian version (PDF 1.81 Mb)

 Czech version (PDF 1.82 Mb)

 Hungarian version (PDF 1.87 Mb)

 Macedonian version (PDF 1.88 Mb)

 Montenegrin version (PDF 1.80 Mb)

 Romanian version (PDF 1.86 Mb)

 Romany version (PDF 1.86 Mb)

 Ruthenian version (PDF 1.86 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 2.73 Mb)

 Slovak version (PDF 1.83 Mb)

Easy steps to help your child become a digital citizen

 Serbian version (PDF 4 245 Kb)

Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture

Volume 1: Context, concepts and model

 English version (PDF 3.96 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 566 Kb)

Volume 2: Descriptors of competences

 English version (PDF 3.23 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 480 kb)

Volume 3: Guidance for implementation

 English version (PDF 6.03 Mb)

 Serbian version (PDF 832 Kb)

No Hate Speech Manual for civil servants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Bosnian version (PDF 1.57 Mb)

Labour inspectors pocket guide for detection and preliminary identification of victims of trafficking in human beings

 Serbian version (PDF 377 Kb)

Research on judicial practice/treatment of victims human trafficking in North Macedonia

 Macedonian version (PDF 914 Kb)

ECRI General Policy Recommendation No. 15 On Combating Hate Speech

 Albanian version (PDF 987 Kb)

 Bosnian version (PDF 1.01 Mb)

Recommendations for inclusive education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian version 

Preventing Trafficking in Children (for students)

 Macedonian version (PDF 78 816 Kb)

 Albanian version  (PDF 83 421 Kb)

 Romany version (PDF 78 734 Kb)