In 2005 the EU-CoE youth partnership, together with several national and regional partners, initiated a process of youth policy cooperation in the broader Euro-Mediterranean region, with a view to fostering greater cooperation between youth policy stakeholders.

The process of youth policy co-operation has inter alia significantly contributed to the recognition that co-operation among institutions responsible for youth policy (public and private) is essential to intercultural dialogue and to the Euro-Med projects in which young people take part.

Youth policy activities have also, undoubtedly, resulted in an expansion of  partnerships and co-operation with a variety of institutions concerned by the empowerment of young people in the MENA region, including the League of Arab States, UNFPA, the World Bank and British Council. In this respect, too, the EU-CoE youth partnership is playing a leading and innovative role.

In reaction to the political changes in their Southern neighbouring countries, both, the European Union and the Council of Europe are strengthening their efforts to support these developments towards democracy. Young people in Egypt, Tunisia and other parts of the South-Mediterranean hold the key to the sustainable and peaceful development of their societies based on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Understanding and taking into account their expectations and needs is crucial for all the institutional stakeholders, such as the League of Arab States, national youth policy authorities and youth organisations. The experience of young people from the Diasporas in Europe and their role in and perception of recent developments can also positively contribute to this process.

The workshop on youth participation and social media, July 2013, Tunisia

2-4 July 2013, Hammamet (Tunisia): the workshop on youth participation and social media brought together 25 participants to explore the effective ways of using the potential of social media for youth participation in society nowadays. Building on the needs assessment done with youth organisations...

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Symposium 'Arab spring: Youth participation for the promotion of peace, human rights and fundamental freedoms', August 2012, Tunisia

27-29 August 2012, Tunis (Tunisia): the symposium was co-organised with the League of Arab States, the Tunisian governmental authorities, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, the Euro-Med Platform, the United Nations Population Fund and the European Youth Forum.

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Seminar 'Youth and Citizenship', November 2013, Jordan

19-21 November 2013, Amman (Jordan): the seminar organised by the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the framework of the EU-CoE youth-partnership and the Arab States Regional office of UNFPA discussed the role and the status of youth organisations, youth movements and young people...

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Seminar 'Youth policy - here and now', September 2005, Egypt

11-15 September 2005, Alexandria (Egypt): this seminar was the first Euro-Med activity on youth policy, held to discuss experience and current practices in the countries of Europe and the Middle East in the field of youth Policy and youth participation.

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International round table: 'Youth policy and research development in the Euro-Mediterranean co-operation framework', May 2006, Egypt

29 May 2006, Cairo (Egypt): as part of the process of follow-up to the first youth policy seminar, this international round table brought together major intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental partners in the fields of youth research and youth policy within the Euro-Mediterranean...

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Seminar 'The role of research in youth policy and youth work development in the broader Euro-Mediterranean context', November 2006, Egypt

27-30 November 2006, Cairo (Egypt): the seminar provided an opportunity for youth researchers, youth workers and governmental representatives to reflect together on the particular role of research in the development of youth policy in order to develop an exchange process, co-operation and joint...

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Seminar 'The role of youth participation and civil society in youth policy and youth work development in the broader Euro-Mediterranean context', October 2007, Hungary

24-27 October 2007, European Youth Centre Budapest: the seminar aimed to explore the underlying values, concepts, principles and forms of youth participation, to obtain a better understanding of the sociocultural context of youth participation and give thought to various factors influencing youth...

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Second international round table 'Youth Policy Co-operation in the Broader Euro-Mediterranean Context', April 2009, Hungary

22-23 April 2009, European Youth Centre Budapest: acknowledging the value and considerations of the first round-table and taking into account the results of an external evaluation carried out by independent experts, the League of Arab States and the partnership between the Council of Europe and...

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Seminar 'Euro-Arab youth policy co-operation in the broader Euro-Mediterranean context', June 2010, Egypt

1-3 June 2010, Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt): co-organised with the League of Arab States, the seminar aimed at mutual exchange of knowledge and update of information about youth policy developments and development of the competences of Arab and European youth policy experts by exploring and learning...

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Seminar 'Empowerment of youth organisations and youth-led civil society initiatives in the South-Mediterranean framework', March 2012, Malta

22-24 March 2012, Malta: this seminar was organised in cooperation with Maltese Youth Agency (Aġenzija Żgħażagħ), League of Arab States, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, and the Euromed Youth Platform.

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