Available from 1 October
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Youth Policy Essentials

The MOOC on Youth Policy Essentials aims to bring youth policy closer to you. Through this course, you can discover the building blocks of youth policy, understand the major steps for its development and how you can get involved, and reflect on its future.


 By the end of the course, you will:

  • understand the “basics” of youth policy (concepts and definitions, scope, objectives, actors, European and national levels)
  • become aware of the relevance of its key elements (cross-sectoral, knowledge-based, participation, inclusion, youth work)
  • understand how to build a framework for youth policy (identifying key issues, priority areas and themes)
  • understand the major steps for youth policy development, implementation, delivery, and evaluation
  • reflect on the future of youth policy and your own future engagement in youth policy
  • gain motivation and information about different ways of getting involved in youth policy


 Who is this MOOC for?

The course is open to everyone and free of charge. We encourage youth policy makers, youth workers, youth leaders, youth NGOs and youth researchers to join the course. Anyone whose voluntary or professional work involves engaging with young people can benefit from this course but, of course, all the ones interested in finding out more about youth policies and youth policy processes are welcome to join!



Module 1: Your learning starts here

Module 2: What is youth policy?

Module 3: Important elements of youth policy

Module 4: Youth policy strategy development

Module 5: Youth policy in action

Module 6: Future trends and youth policy

Module 7: Evaluation


The course is organised and offered by the Youth Partnership. The course is based on the know-how and accumulated experience in youth policy development by the Youth Partnership. The course also provides a chance for you to learn from your own practice and to network with other learners.