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Expert Group for Mapping Educational Paths of Youth Workers and Gathering Knowledge on Youth Work


The mapping will contribute to a better understanding and sharing information on the ways in which youth workers are educated and trained and the implications for the youth work quality, on the one hand, and to identifying examples and trends, if sufficient data allows such analysis, with regards to employment or volunteering and the social benefits youth workers bring. An expert group will outline a more detailed scope of the mapping in accordance with the expectations of the partner institutions. Some elements of the future mapping include:

  • competences the youth workers are expected to have,
  • educational offers addressed to youth workers in the framework of vocational or tertiary education,
  • non-formal educational paths available for youth leaders and youth workers and their status,
  • career paths/work opportunities open to youth workers depending on their educational achievements.

Role of the Expert Group:

The researcher work will be guided and supported by an expert group, including representatives of the partner institutions, of Europe Goes Local project, SALTO Training and Cooperation, Council of Europe youth sector statutory bodies and experts involved in the drafting of the Recommendation on youth work.

The expert group will be convened at the beginning of the process to design the frame of the research. Expert group members will be available for the researchers throughout the knowledge gathering and analysis process. If relevant, the group will be convened to a second meeting to fine-tune the outcomes. The draft Recommendation on youth work along with any prior relevant research on the topic will serve as the basis for the group, which will advise on the focus, scope, stakeholders and actors to reach out to.