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Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe

The Open Learning Community (OLC) was designed specifically to facilitate the Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe long-term training course between 2001-2003.

The training course was an advanced training for trainers already active in training youth multipliers at the European level.

Main characteristics:
  • It was a long-term engagement (2-year duration with various additional training elements).
  • It was an advanced training, a high-level course for experienced professionals.
  • It was a part-time, continuing training programme based on open and distance learning punctuated by face-to-face intensive course models.
  • It contained innovative elements: Mentoring, Peer Support Groups, Personal Development Plans, Open Learning Community, Practice projects.
  • There were 8 projects developed by participant-trainers. Several of these project received support from Action 5 and the European Youth Foundation.
    Quality standards, training competencies and validation and assessment were three important aspects of the course.
  • Being a pilot framework, the course was thoroughly evaluated by an external evaluator. The evaluation report will be published soon.
  • Participant-trainers of ATTE developed a "Training Quality Product" (TQP) as a contribution to quality in European Youth Training.
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