European Youth Centre Strasbourg 4 – 5 December 2018
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Seminar on the role of the youth sector in supporting young refugees

Background information

Realities of young refugees in Europe and the current political debates and approaches have made it important to develop several types of activities at European level with the aim of supporting the inclusion of young refugees, reaffirming theirs rights and recognising the good practices on the local levels.

In the European landscape of the youth sector, there is a growing understanding of the role that the youth sector has for young refugees, both in terms of contributing to their participation and inclusion through youth work, or contributing to improving their life conditions through policy cross-sectoral co-operation or developing a better understanding of the phenomena young refugees are part of, through youth research.

While this growing awareness is stimulated through institutional and civil society commitment towards identifying the role of the youth field for young refugees’ lives, there is more and more a need to forge cross-sectoral cooperation with other sectors, explore alternative initiatives and build bridges with other sectors, notably the policy and civil society actors working on migration issues or working specifically on topical issues related to young refugees’ lives (from the legal to the social sectors).

From a social inclusion and human rights perspective, young refugees are among the groups experiences multiple discrimination and disadvantages in our societies today.

The issues that young refugees face are of equal importance for both the youth and the migration sector, notably, but also for all sectors of relevance. This is why having spaces for synergies across sectors is of utmost importance, in order to ensure that the knowledge, tools and guidelines produced in the youth sector reaches out to relevant stakeholders.

The seminar

The EU-CoE youth partnership will organise a seminar bringing together a diversity of actors from the youth and other fields in order to offer a space of exchange and development of mutual understanding across sectors, of promotion of existing know-how and of synergy-building for future work.

This seminar is an opportunity in involving to more actors, with the aim of increasing the reach-out towards young refugees and the initiatives to safeguard their human rights and to support their inclusion, and participation in European societies.


Enhance synergies and build cross-sectoral co-operation and partnerships among different actors acting in one way or another for young refugees, with the aim of improving their social inclusion, access to rights and participation

Disseminate the knowledge on the situation and ways of tackling challenges that young refugees face, developed in the youth field in Europe, including the materials of EU-CoE youth partnership, the two partner institutions and their networks

Identify gaps in intervention for further planning and development in the youth and other fields.

Profile of participants

The seminar will involve about 60 participants, with the following profiles:

 From the youth field:

  • Representatives of public authorities in charge of youth at different levels
  • Representatives of organisations and agencies with a multiplication potential in the field of youth work
  • Youth research entities, with a role in producing knowledge related to young refugees.
  • Refugee-led youth organisations
  • European institutions and platforms active in the youth field.

 From the migration field

  • International entities active in the field of migration
  • Relevant authorities at different levels
  • European organisations and platforms.

 From other sectors relevant for young refugees, such as

  • Social rights and social affairs, including social work
  • Education and training, including the vocational education
  • Economy and labour market policy, including integration on the labour market actors
  • Health and wellbeing,
  • Justice, etc.

Venue and logistics

The seminar will be organised on 4 and 5 December 2018, in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France.

For more information

Mara Georgescu,