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Inclusion Day Celebrated in Podgorica

As part of the joint action of the European Union and the Council of Europe, “Quality education for all”, the Inclusion Day was celebrated in the multimedia hall of the University Sports and Culture Center.

The event is organised in partnership with the joint programme of the EU and the Council of Europe "Promoting good governance and empowering Roma at the local level“ (ROMACTED II).

"In this uncertain age, one thing is certain: enlightening young people about solidarity, about helping each other, about building strong ties and being opento diversity is the best way towards a more just, inclusive and democratic society“, said Miloš Bošković, Project Officer at the Council of Europe Programme Office in Podgorica.

The Inclusion Day focuses on opportunities for children with special educational needs, and their right to quality learning and participation, stressed Tamara Milić, Head of the Directorate for Inclusive Education at the Ministry of Education.

In the context of the “Education for all” action, we want to reiterate that we are all equally responsible for inclusive ideas and values, while schools are the most natural environment for growth and development. This means that teachers who possess specially designed skills can render their work incluside, and as a result, help raise competent and sociable students, living and growing up in an inclusive environment, who will become democratic citizens and open-minded individuals,” Milić said.

Ivan Terzić, Secretary of the Secretariat for Social Welfare in the Capital City, said they are committed to creating equal conditions for all residents.

The Capital continuously endeavours to make all its citizens feel good and accepted in the city. Through our relevant secretariats and offices, we offer support and services to the most vulnerable. We are pleased to celebrate this important day with young people, as they make the society better and more inclusive thanks to their honest, non-prejudiced and non-discriminatory way of thinking and acting,” said Terzić.

The programme, intended for all visitors to the event, was opened by the youngest residents of Podgorica - pupils of the primary schools “Novka Ubović” and “Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin” and children from the kindergarten “Đina Vrbica”. The celebration also included a fair in which pupils from 40 Montenegrin schools took part. Through the exhibition of artworks, handicrafts, publications, through performances and sports activities, the children presented their schools and portrayed how they nurture an inclusive and democratic culture in their daily lives.

The celebration was an opportunity for non-governmental organisations concerned with the vulnerable groups of children, as well as the Paralympic Committee, the Red Cross and the Capital, to present their work. In the “Play and Win for Inclusion” contest, school teams from elementary schools showed their best knowledge in fun quizzes and outdoor games, but also won valuable prizes.

As part of the ROMACTED II programme, children from the Roma and Egyptian communities from Camp Konik also participated in the event. They competed in team games with their peers and created artistic and literary works presenting their inclusion vision.

The "Quality education for all" action is a part of the joint European Union/Council of Europe programme "Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022". The goal of the joint programme is to encourage quality education for all, in accordance with European standards and practices.

MONTENEGRO: Inclusion Day Celebrated in Podgorica


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