Back Roman Emperors - Danube Wine Route results of Routes4U Grant

Roman Emperors - Danube Wine Route results of Routes4U Grant

Roman Emperors - Danube Wine Route looks ahead with the successful outcome of Routes4U Grant

The Routes4U grant provided to the Roman Emperors Danube Wine Route resulted not only in long term benefits, but successful immediate outcomes. From highlighting potential expansion sites to enlarging routes through to practical tangible signage, the route is well placed to continue playing an important role in regional development.

An Initial list of sites of archaeological sites to be included in the RER-DWR was created at the beginning of Project implementation. Containing 12 initial archaeological sites from Austria and Slovenia it has now been added to, for a future tentative list of sites of archaeological sites to be included.

The grant helped to evaluate a strong baseline for understanding level of tourism development along the archaeological sites in to be included. By extending the Route towards Austria and Slovenia, it is positioning itself for further success by diversifying the means and channels for interpretation of local archaeology and surrounding cultural heritage.

Through this process a meaningful involvement of local communities, local authorities, SME’s, CCI actors and other interested stakeholders, is possible, focusing on enhancing visitor experience and conveying joint cultural heritage for a contemporary audience with new artistic and technological means.

In fact, the results of initial mapping of service providers and CCI actors in Austria are already included in the Danube Tourism Inventory.

The grant helped create new and extended existing tourism offers. Within the framework of the Project, a conference focusing on Expansion of the existing tourist itineraries was organized which aimed at developing the RER&DWR into a bookable tourism product.

The Route worked closely with selected international and regional tour operators to create specific collaborative tourism packages. Specifically, two RER&DWR itineraries were used as a baseline

for the future extension: between Budapest and Belgrade – a cultural and Gastronomic experience and between Zagreb and Belgrade – diverse culture, and authentic gastronomy.

Information boards were also placed along existing RER&DWR locations. Research made possible by the grant demonstrated and confirmed the high value of sign posting. The results of other studies also underlined that destination loyalty is one of the most important subjects in tourism.

The Routes4U grant made possible important research that helped underline the key themes that a well-structured and well-managed and marketed RER&DWR can have multiplying positive

Effects. Increasing visitor flow, helps to further stimulate local residents to become more involved in tourism, and emergence of secondary tourism facilities and services such are guest houses, restaurants, vineries, visitors’ centres, all helping towards a sustainable cultural tourism product.

Go to the RER&DWR website for the complete report.

Luxembourg 11 March 2020
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