In the framework of Routes4U, the following projects are identified as priorities for the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region: Alpine Mountain heritage and Via Claudia Augusta.

 Alpine mountain heritage 

The Alpine Mountain heritage is the most prominent common elements among the eight countries in the Alpine Region. Different cooperation-based projects have been initiated and focus on different elements of the mountain heritage (Mountaineering villages, Via Alpina, AlpFoodWays). 

Connecting these projects in the framework of the development of a new cultural route serves in gathering all the countries of the Alps while offering a unique way to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Alpine Region.

Via Claudia Augusta

First taken by Etruscans and Celts, this way was developed by Romans 2000 years ago. Since then, the Via Claudia Augusta has been an important vector of transalpine exchanges, commercial, but also cultural.

Nowadays, the European Economic and Interest Association "Via Claudia Augusta Transnational" is strengthening this way through the Alps to develop this common and valuable heritage.

Steps in the development of the Cultural Routes priorities in the Alpine Region, following the identification of priority themes:

> Consultation among stakeholders of the Alpine Region April 2018

Different stakeholders from the Alpine Region gathered in Bard on 2-3 April 2019, in the framework of Routes4U workshop. Representatives of EUSALP AG2 (Economic development, Health tourism group), EUSALP AG6 (Natural and cultural resources), DG REGIO, certified Cultural Routes and new cultural routes projects discussed and identified the regional needs of the Alpine Region with regard to the Cultural Routes Programme in the framework of the Routes4U Project. Alpine Mountain Heritage and Via Claudia Augusta emerged as priorities for the Alpine macro-region.

> Consultation on Routes4U-support to Via Claudia Augusta JULY 2019

Within the context of Routes4U steering committee interim-meeting (2 July 2019, Luxembourg, Luxembourg) the representative of Via Claudia Augusta reported on the support received by Routes4U and on the ongoing development of this network and related activities in the Adriatic and Ionian Region countries.

> Training on application and certification "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" August 2019

The manager of the Via Claudia Augusta met with Routes4U team and EICR team atthe headquarter in Luxembourg, in order to be trained on the preparation of the application to the certification "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe". Guidance was provided in terms of network development and activities implementation, in line with the Council of Europe criteria.

> Stakeholders meeting for Cultural Routes priorities in the Alpine Region and Baltic Sea Region NOVEMBER 2019

The representatives of the new cultural route project dedicated to the Alpine Mountain Heritage  (representative of the Via Alpina, representative of AlpFoodWays) were trained on the certification process and on branding of Cultural Routes (25-26 November, Aarau, Switzerland). Furthermore they met with their stakeholders and additional potential partners from the Alpine Region in order to further get organised and decide on the steps to take for developing their cultural route network.

> Roadmap on EUSALP Cultural Routes development DECEMBER 2019

Routes4U published a Roadmap for the Alpine Region which summarises the research results and the conclusions drawn during the several meetings and highlights recommendations and the steps to take in order to successfully develop the Cultural Routes in the Alpine Region.

> Expert Study on a new cultural route exploring the mountain heritage of the Alpine Region JANUARY 2020

In the framework of Routes4U, a feasibility study on a new cultural route deedicated to the Alpine Mountain Heritage has been conducted, including a mapping of relevant sites and destinations in the Alpine Region which should be included in the network of the new cultural route project. The study also includes recommendations on further steps with a view to applying for the "Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe" certification.

Roadmap for the Alpine Region

Feasibility study on a Mountain heritage route in the Alpine Region

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